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Atomic Mass Games' Shatterpoint new squads in 2024.

Star Wars Shatterpoint to Enter 2024 With New Squad Packs

After being radio silent for new Star Wars: Shatterpoint content for several months, Atomic Mass Games finally announced two new Squad Packs for next year, centered around the beloved Star Wars original trilogy. While there is no shortage of Star Wars board games, fans just can’t get enough of the epic fantasy franchise and just keep asking for more....
Ravensburger's Star Wars Villainous

Ravensburger Announces Star Wars Villainous Scum and Villainy Expansion

Star Wars Villainous, the Ravensburger game set in the popular Villainous game system, is getting a new expansion. The announcement celebrated May 4, the international day of Star Wars. The new extension of the base game will now introduce the Scum and Villainy expansion, the first for this particular series, that introduces the character of Boba Fett, the original Mandalorian in the franchise...
Funko Games' Star Wars: Rivals

Funko Games Is Developing Star Wars:Rivals Card Game

Star Wars fans might be perplexed that Funko Games, the game design subdivision within the well-known pop-culture-license company Funko, is developing a full-fledged Star Wars game. Star Wars: Rivals puts players in command of the Light Side or the Dark Side of the Force by building a squadron of fan-favorite characters from across the Star Wars universe. They will...
Atomic Mass Games' Star Wars Legion.

Best Star Wars Board Games

The Star Wars franchise just keeps on giving and no matter how you feel about the newer additions to the series, you definitely love The Mandalorian and maybe feel warmly disposed towards Star Wars: The Bad Batch. In any event, Star Wars has been particularly successful with board games, miniature games, and even TTRPGs.  Today, we will have a dekko...