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Ashes Reborn's Frost Wild Scourge Expansion

Ashes Reborn Gets Frostwild Chimera Expansion, Balance Changes

Plaid Hat Games has introduced a bunch of updates for Ashes Reborn, the exciting dice-manipulation deckbuilder, which features a number of excellent additions to the core gameplay, updates, and a few more treats to revel in.  Ashes Reborn Gets Bunch of New Content and Tweaks  The latest update focused on Organized Play, a competitive mode, that Plaid Hat Games have been backing with unwavering...
Freelancers: A Crossroads Game by Plaid Hat Games.

Freelancers: A Crossroads Game Is Plaid Hat’s Latest Game

Congratulations, humanity is dead! The bad news is that all they left behind is their garbage and a broken gig economy.  When you hear about Plaid Hat Games bringing out a new title, you may be thinking of Ashes Reborn, Summoner Wars, or Hickory Dockery, that is if you are not thinking of Familiar Tales.  Yet, the studio always proves to...
Plaid Hat Games' Hickory Dickory.

Plaid Hat Games Reveal “Hickory Dickory” Set to Release in Q4

Story-telling is Plaid Hat Games’ bread-and-butter. We have seen it in “Familiar Tales,” “Stuffed Fables,” and now “Hickory Dickory,” the acclaimed publisher’s latest fairy-tale-like board game. This time around, players take control of a team of mice who will be sent out on a scavenger hunt… inside a cuckoo clock. The big event is hosted by Lord Cuckoo himself,...
The Eternal Council deck for Summoner Wars for Plaid Hat Games.

Plaid Hat Games Reveals Eternal Council Summoner Wars Deck

Summoner Wars (Second Edition) developer Plaid Hat Games continues to tease new sets of cards for the company’s living card game that has overhauled and improved upon the original game released in 2009. For the upcoming expansion, game developer Nick Conley has previewed The Eternal Council, the latest installment in the game that is set to challenge the current...