Freelancers: A Crossroads Game by Plaid Hat Games.
Image credit: Plaid Hat Games

Congratulations, humanity is dead! The bad news is that all they left behind is their garbage and a broken gig economy. 

When you hear about Plaid Hat Games bringing out a new title, you may be thinking of Ashes Reborn, Summoner Wars, or Hickory Dockery, that is if you are not thinking of Familiar Tales. 

Yet, the studio always proves to have some juicy novelty stashed away, with Freelancers: A Crossroads Game, the latest game, finding inspirations from the dungeons and dragons franchise, although the studio admitted that there will be only one dragon to worry about.

Freelancers – Not Really about the Gig Economy (We Think)

Fresh announced, and bound for Game Con 2023 in August, the game is touted as a follow-up of the award-winning Forgotten Waters. The game focuses on a fantasy RPG campaign experience which will be packed in a single evening session of fun and mayhem, Plaid Hat Games assures us, and we are inclined to believe them.

The game boils down to creating a character and plunging into a world of skirmishes, monsters, and… murder. But even though it finds inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, the game will rely on an app companion to do the story-telling for you. Freelancers: A Crossroads Game is fit for 3-7 players, has a 90+ play time, and is appropriate for ages 14+.

There will be 24 locations part of the location book, cough, with various places, such as the Hub Marketplace and Dark Corridors available to check out. We honestly couldn’t tell you if those were good or bad, but they do look nicely illustrated.

Cool Character Building and So Much to Unpack

As to the character-building in the game, this clearly boils down to building your own unique hero and customizing them as you go along. The animation that Plaid Hat Games used to explain how this works is actually very interesting. Essentially, you will keep adding boards to your character that seem to be modular and can gradually help you build up, and let’s face it – who doesn’t like levelling up a character?

Another important bit of Freelancers: A Crossroads Game comes down to gaining followers with creatures such as Gopher and Clara willing to help you out – we think. Plaid Hats Games has done a podcast about the upcoming title which you can listen to, and find a lot of juicy details about the forthcoming game yourself. 

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