Ashes Reborn's Frost Wild Scourge Expansion
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Plaid Hat Games has introduced a bunch of updates for Ashes Reborn, the exciting dice-manipulation deckbuilder, which features a number of excellent additions to the core gameplay, updates, and a few more treats to revel in. 

Ashes Reborn Gets Bunch of New Content and Tweaks 

The latest update focused on Organized Play, a competitive mode, that Plaid Hat Games have been backing with unwavering commitment. There have been errata issued for several of the cards in the mode, including Salamander Monk SpiritBrennen Blackcloud, and Three-Eyed Owl, who may have proven to be a wee bit one-sided.

The update features a new Chained List and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that will help anyone who is just getting to the game understand how to navigate it. Unfortunately, physical copies of the game will have to be renewed at some point – for those of you who cannot stomach remembering the changes. 

Along with some of the balance-tweaking though, there is news about more chapters being added to the game. The Frostwild Scourge expansion is now on its way, and it features the Chimera, a new opponent with two aspect decks. There is also a new natural magic player deck. The expansion too comes with a balance errata so that you can quickly catch yourself up on what has been changed and keep a note of it. 

Prove You Are the Best Phoenixborn This April  

Meanwhile, the game’s popularity has been going strong with the AshCon4 tournament planned for April 24 through April 28. The tournament will be taking place at the online website,, and all participants will have to play one game with their three opponents in each of the pods.

There are different rewards to grab as well. Pod winners will get a deluxe translucent divinesympathy and time dice, while those who make it through the featured match will get Blood Puppet alt arts. There is no need for you to wait for any new updates, though, as all the latest FAQs and errata can be found directly on Ashes Reborn’s dedicated website. 

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