Plaid Hat Games' Hickory Dickory.
Image Sources: Plaid Hat Games

Story-telling is Plaid Hat Games’ bread-and-butter. We have seen it in “Familiar Tales,” “Stuffed Fables,” and now “Hickory Dickory,” the acclaimed publisher’s latest fairy-tale-like board game. This time around, players take control of a team of mice who will be sent out on a scavenger hunt… inside a cuckoo clock. The big event is hosted by Lord Cuckoo himself, the mecenate of the contest.

Lead Your Mice to Victory and Berries

The new game’s designer has not yet been revealed as far as we can tell, although “Familiar Tales’” Jerry Hawthorne would definitely be a great pick here . In this 1-4-player game, players will compete both for the favor of Lord Cuckoo but also for berries, which are the victory points in the game. As the mice scutter across the cuckoo clock, they will have limited time to secure victory. Once the clock strikes midnight, the hunt will be over and they will have to bring their hunt cards to Lord Cuckoo.

The final equation of the game is simple – be the team of mice that has collected the most berries to triumph in the game. But berries don’t grow on… cuckoo clocks so you need to please the lord by discovering lost relics and taking the clock pendulums as a quick ride to the next item tile you need to secure or relic awaiting discovery.

There are other gameplay elements to watch out for, as how the scoring is done based on your scavenging cards, how many mice can ride the pendulums, and a separate track where one of your mice will try to get you more points, or berries as the game terminology prefers to refer to them.

No Retail Price Announced Just Yet

There is also some challenge added not just by the pressing march of time, but also by a cat that is prowling and waiting to pounce at the clock and hoping to catch a mouse. The game is set to release in the last quarter of 2022 but no retail prices have been announced at this point.

Plaid Hat Games has developed a number of outstanding games over the years, with “Forgotten Wars,” “Summoner Wars” and others among some of its most successful franchises. The studio has been running parallel digital offers to ensure that its games are accessible and that the board gaming hobby is overtaking the world.

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