The Eternal Council deck for Summoner Wars for Plaid Hat Games.
Image Source: Plaid Hat Games

Summoner Wars (Second Edition) developer Plaid Hat Games continues to tease new sets of cards for the company’s living card game that has overhauled and improved upon the original game released in 2009. For the upcoming expansion, game developer Nick Conley has previewed The Eternal Council, the latest installment in the game that is set to challenge the current meta and keep players on their toes as they try to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponent.

Enter the Eternal Council and Their Spells  

The Eternal Council draws on time as represented by the game’s limited cards and makes use of both players’ cards and even discard pile Even the absence of cards can benefit the Eternal Council on its quest to victory. In this preview, Plaid Hat Games introduced three spell cards of the new deck – Seek, Psychic Assault, and Insight. Each of these comes with its unique and thematic gameplay feature.

Seek is a simple but very effective spell that will help Praefectus Edia, the leader of the Eternal Council and summoner of the deck, to draw multiple cards across the turn, making for strong and unexpected plays from the deck.

Psychic Assault will convert card draws into ping damage that can hit up to two spaces of Edia, putting additional pressure on the enemy’s line and helping the Eternal Council break through the enemy’s line. Drawing cards as the turn advances and Edia resonating with an additional area of effect damage can prove a challenging scenario for any opposing summoner to solve.

Yet, it’s Edia that opponents must fear as the summoner can use her Insight ability to gain a ranged attack up to eight and become a menace that strikes beyond the enemy’s reach. Plaid Hat Games has also revealed a number of cards for the upcoming deck in their 4th preview of the set.

Reveal of the Champions and Special Abilities  

The champion reveal reinforces an inkling that much of the deck’s abilities will revolve around drawing cards and harmonizing champion abilities with the number of cards discarded or in your hand. Dominus Malunar forces an opponent to discard a card if an enemy unit is summoned close to the champion.

Dominus Ovi has +1 strength for every 2 cards you have in your hand, adding even more pressure on the enemy lineup. Dominus Katu may come last but he is happy to keep going as an empty draw pile would only mean that Katu’s powers grow over the turns. The reveal of the Eternal Council’s spells and champions is done in stages so that the public can see what to expect and is once again very worthwhile.

Plaid Hat Games has picked up the pace of production while managing to introduce balanced decks to the gameplay with the Cloaks Faction and The Skyspear Avians proving interesting additions. Plaid Hat Games is also running frequent online tournaments and developed a dedicated game simulator online with free races on a rotating basis.

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