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MTG's Secret Lair

MTG Commander Deck: Angels Sells for $150 But Has Secondary Value of $270

Magic: The Gathering and Wizards of the Coast have launched the third Secret Lair Commander deck, named “Angels: They Are Just Like Us But Cooler and With Wings” now available for preorder. This new set is limited to five copies per player with Wizards of the Coast accepting orders since Thursday, August 10. The set retails for $150 and is...
Magic: The Gathering Nazgul Cards price record.

Magic: The Gathering’s Nazgul Cards Skyrocket in Price

Wizards of the Coast hit a gold mine with The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. The newest Universes Beyond set has already broken records with the 001/001 copy of The One Ring having a bounty of over $2 million. But that is by far not the only expensive card in its set - the Dwarven Rings of...
AI robot that is looking back at people.

AI Can One Day Design Magic: The Gathering, Head Designer Claims

The topic of Artificial Intelligence is quite controversial these days, with opinions being extremely polarized in either direction. However, we can all agree that design, and all its aspects, is perhaps one of the areas most affected by the sudden boom in AI technology. Anyone can just enter a prompt into an AI generator and create images, but they...
Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering

One of Magic: The Gathering’s Dwarven Rings of Power Allegedly Fetches $13,000

Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth will probably go down in history as the most valuable set to date. It has already shaken the world's card economy with mind-blowing prices, most notably The One Ring’s over $2 million fetch price (with delicious paella included in the offer). Naturally, this has sparked extreme interest...
Dave & Adam's MTG $1m bounty

MTG LOTR Card Costs $1M Already Even Though It Isn’t Out Yet

This escalated quickly is a popular and often overused punchline, but in the case of Magic: The Gathering’s The One Ring 001/001 card, it may be the best way to describe events of the past days. Several days ago, Cassius Marsh Sr. offered $500,000 to the person who brings him the coveted card which has not actually been released...
Wizards of the Coast's MTG's The One Ring 001/001 super rare card

NFL Linebacker Ready to Spend $500K for MTG The One Ring 001/001 Card

Magic: The Gathering cards can usually fetch a pretty penny. The rarer a card is, the bigger the askance price can be, and this is precisely what is happening in the case of The One Ring 001/001 card which has been the object of some pretty tidy offers. One such was tabled by Cassius Marsh Sr., a former NFL outside...