Magic: The Gathering Nazgul Cards price record.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast hit a gold mine with The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. The newest Universes Beyond set has already broken records with the 001/001 copy of The One Ring having a bounty of over $2 million. But that is by far not the only expensive card in its set – the Dwarven Rings of Power have also shown to be quite desirable, allegedly reaching $13,000. And in this latest development, the Nazgul appears to be the latest card to be skyrocketing in value – by over 550% to be exact. Sounds rather impressive, although people might actually be surprised by how much the card actually costs.

The Nazgul card brings a rather unique mechanic in Tales of Middle-earth, being one of the rare cards that allow you to bypass the deck-building restrictions, allowing you to have nine of them in the deck – very appropriate. This bypassing of the deck-building rules, while not game-breaking, goes for every format you would normally play. But that’s not the only thing that makes the Nazgul card unique – it has nine different artworks, representing each of the Nazgul. Again, very appropriate.

Turning One Card Into Nine “Different” Cards

The fact the Nazgul card has nine different artworks essentially makes one card into nine unique cards, and card collectors are going wild. As you can imagine, there are bound to be hardcore collectors wanting to have all nine Nazgul cards, despite all of them having the same exact effect. The ring wraiths began to spike in price ever since the Lord of the Rings prerelease.

Initially, every single Nazgul started at about $3, but as time went by, price differences began to appear. As we stated, each card has the same effect, so what are the criteria for the prices? The answer is card art. Art, being subjective, means that it will be valued differently, and currently Nazgul U 0333 is valued the highest, sitting comfortably at $44 as of writing this article. The cheapest Nazgul currently is U 0337, valued at $12.05 as of writing this article. Please note these prices are subject to change.

The Nazgul can easily be combined with the Lord of the Nazgul to make a pretty neat and flavorful Commander Deck built around getting them all on the field with as many Wraiths as possible. There are already a myriad of strategies online, so if anyone wants to build a deck around them can absolutely go for it. And who knows, we might even see them in Game Knights.

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