MTG's The One Ring Card art.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

The One Ring’s preciousness no longer exclusively applies to the Lord of the Rings universe, as proven by the offer made by popular Valencian game store Gremio de Dragones (which translates to “Dragons’ Guild”) to obtain its Magic the Gathering’s card form. The game store put a bounty on The One Ring 001/001, offering a mind-blowing €2 million for the artifact card, which amounts to roughly $2,158,598.72 as of writing this article – more than double the amount of Dave and Adams’ $1 million dollar offer.

With this rate, fans and investors alike are wondering whether or not there will be even higher bids for “The Precious”. It’s crazy to remember that the first “serious” offer for The One Ring was a football star and avid Magic: The Gathering fan Cassius Marsh’s $150,000. Once he realized that wouldn’t be enough, however, he went on to exceed the offer by $500,000 – not that it was enough. Regardless, The One Ring 001/001 will most certainly go down in history as the most Magic: The Gathering card ever, easily surpassing The Power 9 and Chaos Orb in terms of price value.

One Card to Outprice Them All, One Set to Outshine Them, Valencian Paella to Tempt Them

For those wondering how a single card can warrant such a stupendous price, The One Ring 001/001 can only be found in the English copies of Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond: The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth. Already, the Universes Beyond collector boxes for this set are fetching prices of $408 to $431 per box. Furthermore, as there will forever be only one copy of The One Ring 001/001 ever printed, the chances of finding it in a booster pack are 0.00003% (per Amazon’s estimations). The chances of getting struck by lightning are higher than finding the multi-million-dollar card.

Gremio de Dragones has further sweetened the pot by throwing in a trip, a stay, and some of the world-famous Valencian paella, which is rumored to be the best version of the Spanish national dish. They had me at “Valencian paella”.

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