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FFG Marvel Champions and games

FFG Streamlines Rules for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Marvel Champions: The Card Game has been one of the fastest-growing Living Card Games released by Final Fantasy Games. Now, the iconic game which has spawned dozens of worthwhile expansions, is going to have its gameplay streamlined. Detailing the changes in a blog post, lead designer Tony Fanchi tried to address some of the concerns that the community has kept...
FFG's new Hero Pack for Marvel Champions, Angel.

FFG Confirms Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Game Marvel Champions has just got a little bigger, with the company confirming the arrival of the Angel Hero Pack for the popular card game. The new addition, as the name suggests, focuses on an X-Men character, Angel, who comes with a pre-built deck.  Angel adds an innovative twist to the available Marvel Champions expansions, as it’s effectively a three-sided...
Marvel Champions Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight.

Marvel Champions Expansions

Marvel Champions is one of Fantasy Flight Games most recognizable card games. A Living Card Game (LCG), the term used by the company to categorize many of its most successful game series, today we take a look at every single Marvel Champions expansion. We cover Hero Packs, Scenario Packs, and Campaign Expansions to always keep yourself up to date...
Fantasy Flight Games' Next Evolution

Marvel Champions New Expansion “NeXt Evolution” Now Available

Marvel Champions has been growing at a quick pace, with numerous Hero and Scenario expansions arriving over the years and now, a brand-new Campaign Expansion is on the cards, as it were! Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed “NeXt Evolution” as the sixth box of goodies for the Living Card Game (LCG), with the expansion available to order right now.  X-Force...
FFG's upcoming Marvel Champions' "MojoMania" pack cards.

“Marvel Champions” Reveals “MojoMania” Scenario Pack

“Marvel Champions: The Card Game” may have once been doubted as a cash-grab, but the game’s production quality, ability to grow, improve and constantly deliver on fresh content that does not feel self-serving has long belied such criticism. If anything, “Marvel Champions” has grown to be regarded as a quality product that welds strong gameplay with great and evocative...