Fantasy Flight Games' Next Evolution
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Marvel Champions has been growing at a quick pace, with numerous Hero and Scenario expansions arriving over the years and now, a brand-new Campaign Expansion is on the cards, as it were! Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed “NeXt Evolution” as the sixth box of goodies for the Living Card Game (LCG), with the expansion available to order right now. 

X-Force Arrives at the Scene – Meets Villain

You have heard the story before – it’s the superheroes who rush to save the day, the world, or the universe. In this chapter, players take the role of the mutant heroes from X-Force who have to face a number of powerful enemies who bring new mechanics and ploys to the game. 

X-Force will square off against the brutal Marauders, Juggernaut, or Mister Sinister, a brainiac villain who sets destructive plans in motion. Before you get to throw down with some of the big boys, though, you will also get to appreciate that there are more heroes for you to enjoy.

The first two to be introduced include Cable and Domino, both of which will feature ready-to-play and pre-built decks so as to save you some of the onboarding experience. Plus, there is a brand-new card type – the player side schemes, which will make the gameplay even more dynamic and fun. 

Many Excellent Scenarios to Explore in NeXt Evolution 

Players will participate in a variety of excellently-crafted scenarios, the first one of which will take you to New York City’s tunnel system. The Marauders are wreaking havoc on a peaceful population of Morlocks who need your help – and will surely get it. In the first scenario, Morlock Siege, you will have to hold your ground and defeat the oncoming waves of Marauders.

The scenario really boils down to you holding down your ground as the Marauders keep throwing all they have at you. The second scenario, On the Run, will have you trying to free Hope Summers, Cable’s adopted daughter, from the Marauders. To achieve this, you need to defeat her captor. In the third scenario, you will brave Juggernaut, whose extreme strength can easily crush you in one well-aimed blow. 

If you defeat him, you will end up face-to-face with Mister Sinister himself, but even the clever villain is only a pawn in the game of a much bigger evil – Stryfe himself. He is Cable’s evil twin whom you would have to defeat in intense and dynamic combat. There is a lot to see and do in the new expansion, and it’s definitely a fantastic campaign addition to Marvel Champions!

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