FFG's new Hero Pack for Marvel Champions, Angel.
Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Game Marvel Champions has just got a little bigger, with the company confirming the arrival of the Angel Hero Pack for the popular card game. The new addition, as the name suggests, focuses on an X-Men character, Angel, who comes with a pre-built deck. 

Angel adds an innovative twist to the available Marvel Champions expansions, as it’s effectively a three-sided hero, which comes with a pre-constructed deck. You will be able to play as the hero’s alter ego Worthington, and both Angel and Archangel, the mutant superheroes. 

Each of these incarnations will have its own specifics. For example, Angel will focus on Thwart whereas Archangel will have better Defense. There will be extra abilities to explore and unlock by switching to either, though, which makes the new hero a nice pick. 

Angel is an ally of Psylocke, another X-Men character that is coming up along with Angel in September 2023 Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed. 

Angel Adds to the Lineup of X-Men Heroes 

This extension of the existing lineup of characters, scenarios, and packs is definitely a huge plus for fans of the franchise who have been loyal to snatching up new decks for more than four years now. 

The game has managed to keep its vim and vigor over the years by focusing on providing players with new challenges brought through Scenarios and Campaign Expansions, both of which have added to the variety and longevity of the game. Even reported anti-fans of the Marvel franchise have found the game to work for them.

The release of the X-Men heroes comes as Marvel continues to expand into many of its prominent spin-offs, multiverse, and franchise stories, introducing fan-favorite characters and bringing awesome experiences to bear for fans of the game. 

In the meantime, FFG is also working on a new game set in the Marvel universe, called D.A.G.E.R., which is a cooperative game for fans of the old familiar superheroes, and many new ones. 

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