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Marvel Champions: The Card Game has been one of the fastest-growing Living Card Games released by Final Fantasy Games. Now, the iconic game which has spawned dozens of worthwhile expansions, is going to have its gameplay streamlined.

Detailing the changes in a blog post, lead designer Tony Fanchi tried to address some of the concerns that the community has kept bringing up about the Rules Reference. Fanchi said that the main focus of the update was not to change the rules fundamentally, but rather to ensure that the game remains an immersive experience no matter which scenario or hero is used.

One of the described issues in the blog is the use of abilities that have no direct impact on the gameplay, which leave players leaving a little out-of-touch with the gameplay and added to confusion and loss of interest. The new rules feature more specific targeting rules that will only allow certain abilities to be played when there are valid targets to be used on.

The update offers an answer to some common player concerns as well. The permanent keyword rule has been changed, so that these cards won’t be part of the minimum or maximum deck size any more clearing up even more confusion. FFG has also touched up on campaign setup and the setup keyword.

FFG Is Fixer-Upper When It Comes to Marvel Champions

The company hopes that this will create for a more uniform setup process and avoid confusion or overlap of controversial rules or comments. With more than 30 expansions since it launched in 2017, it’s pretty normal that some of the rules may have ended up slightly apart or even contradictory.

Errata has been given a significant part of the update as well, with technical edits and clarification part of what to expect. There have been several important changes involving Ms Marvel, Cosmo, James Rhodes, and Go for Champions in order to ensure that these cards are balanced and altered to mitigate any unintended consequences that their original design may have had on the evolving nature of the game.

Fanchi and FFG assured that they will be working to continuously improve the game and provide players with the best possible experience.

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