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Marvel Champions: The Card Game” may have once been doubted as a cash-grab, but the game’s production quality, ability to grow, improve and constantly deliver on fresh content that does not feel self-serving has long belied such criticism. If anything, “Marvel Champions” has grown to be regarded as a quality product that welds strong gameplay with great and evocative theme.

Mojoverse Builds on “Marvel Champions” Continuity

Fantasy Flight Games has done an excellent job. Then why should the arrival of the “Mojo Mania” scenario pack be any different? The 78-card scenario pack comes with three brand-new scenarios that will continue adding to the overall experience and introduce you to the Mojoverse.

You may choose to play these scenarios as standalone versions or as a meaningful continuation of previous adventures. There are six new modular encounter sets that will work with any “Marvel Champions” scenario, creating continuity and succession between individual gameplay experiences.

The first encounter puts you against MaGog who is billed as the “ninety-nine time defending Mojoverse champion.” MaGog’s playstyle will remind you of the no-holds-barred brawl, but the champion will have many tricks up his sleeve to play, as he comes back from the brink of death to lash out with renewed ferocity.

Defeating MaGog will be no easy task, with a number of Side Schemes and Villains coming to his aid to split your team and challenge you individually as well as part of the squad. There are all sorts of challenges for you to brave in the Mojoverse and how well you fare will be a combination of your previous experience with the game as well as your ability to adapt to the unique challenges presented in the “MojoMania” pack. But some Villains can be turned around, and you may compel some, such as Spiral to help you find your way in the Mojoverse.

“Marvel Champions” Will Be Televised

Following the triumph over MaGog, players are invited to brave the eponymous Mojo who is the main challenger in the scenario pack. Fantasy Flight Games promises to keep you on your toes with an experience that smacks of high fantasy and ranges to crazy crime drama to hair-rising horror, to sitcoms!

There are all sorts of cool features and opponents, mechanics and challenges in this new expansion. Mojo, will seek to suck you in his pocket-dimension where his race feeds on insane waves of energy, dubbed as “Television Signals.” MojoMania is an excellent new way to experience the popular game and have a blast while you are at it.

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