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The Dixit Disney version.

Libellud Announces Dixit: Disney Edition

Libellud has revealed Dixit: Disney Edition coming in 2023. The Disney-themed game will adopt the Dixit board game’s core rules and present it along with the original artwork and likeness of popular Disney characters.  84 Cards for Each of Disney and Pixar’s Movies  The new edition is set for 3-6 players and can be played by players aged 8+. A usual game of Dixit takes...
Funko Games' Disney Spoons game.

Funko Games Plans on More Disney-Themed Releases in Spring

More board games with the Disney theme are coming to hobby stores this spring and this is good news for those of you who love the quick-paced nature of Funko Games’ products and their universally easy and intuitive designs.  Lots of Disney Magic Seeping into the Spring of 2023 Now, Funko Games is going to be bringing a whole bunch of...
Disney Sorcerers Arena Epic Alliance's board game box and components.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Fourth Expansion Revealed

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena will get yet another expansion inspired by Disney’s classic movies. In “Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances – At the Ready,” players are introduced to three new Disney characters which will be heading for retail in July 2023, shop listings confirm. New Characters, New Stratagems Unfold In this chapter, Robin Hood, Mrs. Potts, and Mulan will all join the...
Disney's Lorcana card game reveal.

Lorcana Takes Over D23 With New Card Reveals

D23 Expo is always a sight to behold - fans are treated with exclusives that can only be obtained there, and major announcements and surprise reveals are announced. Some things exceed all expectations. This year, it was “Disney Lorcana”. The new collaboration of Disney and Ravensburger had one of the most popular booths, perhaps surpassing Star Wars venues in...
Disney's Lorcana TCG upcoming game.

Disney’s Card Game Gets Serious Backing with Ravensburger Joining the Team

Disney is making its move into the trading card game genre with “Disney Lorcana”, combining iconic Disney characters into playable battle decks. It looks like card game giants “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “Magic: The Gathering” and the “Pokémon Trading Card Game” have some competition. To bring this project to light, Disney has partnered with the 139-year-old game publishing giant Ravensburger. Board game enthusiasts...