Disney Sorcerers Arena Epic Alliance's board game box and components.
Image Source: The Op Games

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena will get yet another expansion inspired by Disney’s classic movies. In “Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic AlliancesAt the Ready,” players are introduced to three new Disney characters which will be heading for retail in July 2023, shop listings confirm.

New Characters, New Stratagems Unfold

In this chapter, Robin Hood, Mrs. Potts, and Mulan will all join the fray that features heroes from both Pixar and Disney, and which has proved a success with even the fussiest board gamers. Released by The Op Games, the new characters will add to the already solid library of abilities and attack types that characters and player can bring to the battlefield.

Mrs. Potts will allow players to pick a better position in battle whereas Robin Hood will have a few tricks up his sleeves. Mulan will always be ready to assist her allies and rush to their help. Apart from this, The Op Games is also making sure that it stokes interest among fans with the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances tournament series which started in January and will wrap up during Gen Con 2023 in August.

This will be the fourth expansion for the game so far, with the tabletop PvP game proving a success and offering competitive and casual options, enough to keep any type of player happy. A player wins when they reach 20 point, or the game automatically ends if any player runs out of cards, triggering a count right away.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is designed for 2-4 players and usually takes 35 minutes to complete, played out on a hex-based grid. The charm of the game is not just in the intellectual property which makes it fun to see Mickey Mouse become a raging maniac in this bizarre Coliseum, but also in the simplicity of the mechanics which make for an easy, learn-as-you-play experience.

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