Funko Games' Disney Spoons game.
Image credit: Disney

More board games with the Disney theme are coming to hobby stores this spring and this is good news for those of you who love the quick-paced nature of Funko Games’ products and their universally easy and intuitive designs. 

Lots of Disney Magic Seeping into the Spring of 2023

Now, Funko Games is going to be bringing a whole bunch of titles to try, including Disney Villains Sinister Spoons Game, Disney: Pixar’s Cars Launch ‘N’ Race Game, and Something Wild! Disney Mickey Mouse Card Game – Steamboat Willie. There is a lot to unpack here, but the games are actually pretty straightforward to play and will be fit for almost any taste. 

Digging into the nitty-gritty, Disney Villains Sinister Spoons Game will be about… spoons! Players will be trying to secure custom spoons and shout the catchphrases of the Disney characters whose spoons these are. It’s a great way to put your Disney knowledge to a test.

The game plays with anything between 4-8 players and is fit for players aged 7 and up. Disney Villains Sinister Spoons Game will play in about 20 minutes and be available in retail for $19.99. 

Disney: Pixar’s Cars Launch ‘N’ Race Game is about everyone’s favorite race cars. Players set out to race in Radiator Springs, using the miniatures of Lightning McQueen and Mater. This is a rad race designed for 2 players only and suitable for players aged 3+. The game is coming to retail for $19.99.

Next, you have Something Wild! Disney Mickey Mouse Card GameSteamboat Willie. Now, this is really a mouthful to say, but the game promises to be fun just the same. Players try to collect cards that represent popular characters from the Disney universe and create their own sets and use power cards for special actions. The game is fit for 2-4 players aged6+ and will be available in retail at $8.99. 

There are a few other cool products branded as Disney games coming by Funko as well, notably Disney Animated which will allow you to craft your own Disney flick, so keep your eyes peeled – it’s Disney magic all over again this spring! As a reminder, Disney Lorcana, a bit more serious trade card game, will be coming out in August. 

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