The Dixit Disney version.
Image credit: Libellud

Libellud has revealed Dixit: Disney Edition coming in 2023. The Disney-themed game will adopt the Dixit board game’s core rules and present it along with the original artwork and likeness of popular Disney characters. 

84 Cards for Each of Disney and Pixar’s Movies 

The new edition is set for 3-6 players and can be played by players aged 8+. A usual game of Dixit takes around 30 minutes. The designer of the upcoming title is Jean-Louis Roubira and the game is illustrated by Natalie Dombois

In a game of Dixit, players will take turns to be the storyteller. They will make up a sentence based on a card’s image and say it out loud without showing the card to other players. Each player will then try to guess which card the player meant with those guessing the correct card getting the most points.

If you have guessed another player’s card, they will get points instead. The game will end when the deck of cards runs out or when someone has scored 30 points. Dixit: Disney Edition will come with 84 cards representing the 84 films of Disney and Pixar, including Steamboat Willie and Turning Red, along with many other familiar names. 

Dixit has been one of the fastest-selling board games of all time. In 2020, the game was said to have sold 6 million copies. The numbers went up in the years since with the game closing in on 9 million copies in 2021 alone. 

Specific sale details after that period are not immediately available, but smart intellectual property partnerships such as the one with Disney are definitely helping drive interest in the game. Dixit is a timeless classic and one of the best board games to have in your collection, no matter where you stand in the hobby – casual or competitive player, Dixit appeals to both groups! 

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