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Kutna Hora: City of Silver board game by Czech Games edition.

Czech Games Edition Reveals Kutná Hora: The City of Silver 

The penny has dropped or, rather the silver coin that drops in the frame from above and now must be smelted. If you have no idea what we are talking about, this means you missed Czech Games Edition’s new game release earlier today, taking place on Twitch. You can always go back and watch, though! Well, to cut a...
Lost Ruins of Arnak The Missing Expedition expansion

Lost Ruins of Arnak Gets “The Missing Expedition” Expansion

Lost Ruins of Arnak, a game by designer Michaela “Mín” Štachová, is about to get bigger with the addition of “The Missing Expedition” expansion. The game is set to hit retail in 2023 and the expansion will let players test new strategies with the help of fresh expedition leaders – two of them, to be correct. Add More Variety to...
Czech Games Edition and Deal with the Devil designer Matúš Kotry

Czech Games Talks “Deal with the Devil” with Matúš Kotry

Recently, Czech Games interviewed “Deal with the Devil” designer Matúš Kotry. When asked about his childhood, Matúš shared that he started off as a child who loved playing video games. Eventually, he started not only playing them, but also creating and designing them just for fun A Video Game Developer Turned Board Game Wizz This eventually led to the decision to...
The Deal with the Devil cover art by CGE for their new board game.

Deal with the Devil by Alchemists Designer to Be at Essen

It’s the Middle Ages and suddenly you are having a Faustus moment. But greatness comes at a cost in “Deal with the Devil,” a new game by designer Matúš Kotry and Czech Games Edition. Kotry, best known for his work on “Alchemists,” is back with another riveting experience illustrated by long-time colleague David Cochard who did the art for...