The Deal with the Devil cover art by CGE for their new board game.
Image Source: Czech Games Edition

It’s the Middle Ages and suddenly you are having a Faustus moment. But greatness comes at a cost in “Deal with the Devil,” a new game by designer Matúš Kotry and Czech Games Edition. Kotry, best known for his work on “Alchemists,” is back with another riveting experience illustrated by long-time colleague David Cochard who did the art for the title in 2014.

Just like back then, Kotry has decided to use an app to ensure that players get the best possible experience. Back when “Alchemists” was first released, Kotry’s decision to use an app was a delightful innovation that didn’t necessarily sit well with all. Over the years, app-driven gameplay was replicated across the board gaming world successfully. “Deal with the Devil” seems a promising continuation of the tradition Kotry himself started.

“He That Loves Pleasure for Pleasure Must Fall”

If Goethe’s Faustus is not really your thing, it may just become. “Deal with the Devil” promises to finally provide an answer to the eternal question – if the Devil offered you the world, would you agree to sell off your soul? Probably if it helped you get your way, right? Luckily in Kotry’s new game it seems unlikely that you need to sell thing the whole thing all at once.

“Deal with the Devil” is set in the Middle Ages where each players assumes a role. The roles are asymmetrical and the app will once again be used to guide each player through their quests and objectives, as they all have individual tasks at hand. Some of you may be cultists, some of you may be mortals, but there is only one Devil who will be embodied in one of the players.

You will need to find ways to improve your city-building ability early on, which usually means coming to some arrangement with the Lord of Hell. Since you win by advancing work on the city, you will soon find yourself in the throes of a moral dilemma – just how much is it okay soil is it okay to sell for the sake of progress?

App-Driven Gameplay to Keep Things Hush Hush

The Devil will offer you habitual gifts and easy way out of a predicament, asking for pieces of your soul – for our Princess of Darkness is an entrepreneurial at heart and he knows that he can chip away at your soul until he has the whole thing. Cultists of course will be more inclined to sell their souls whereas mortals will try to resist.

Czech Games Edition promises many dynamic strategies that will make it fun to experiment throughout the gameplay. Oh, and there is also the Inquisition who, apart from burning books, and the occasional wretch, are also looking for sinners who may have traded in their souls (or pieces of it) to punish.

Of course, the Devil, hiding in plain sight, is also not as omnipotent as he thinks he is. Players may try and deduce who among them is playing the Fallen Angel, as well as guess whose soul has already been sold.

All of the trades will be handled by the app so as to provide everyone with anonymity and allow them to work towards their (nefarious) ends in relative peace. But every action has a consequence or sooner or later someone is bound to figure it out.

“Deal with the Devil” will be available at the Essen’ Spiel convention held on October 6-9. A release date for the United States will be announced this year. The game will cost $69.95.

Stoyan Todorov

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