Kutna Hora: City of Silver board game by Czech Games edition.
Image credit: Czech Games Edition

The penny has dropped or, rather the silver coin that drops in the frame from above and now must be smelted. If you have no idea what we are talking about, this means you missed Czech Games Edition’s new game release earlier today, taking place on Twitch. You can always go back and watch, though! Well, to cut a long story short, CGE is bringing a brand new game by the name of Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, where players will smelt precious silver, develop a medieval city, and advance work on a beautiful gothic cathedral. 

Prosper and Lead Your Guild Forward

Designed by a trio of game veterans, to name Ondřej Bystroň, Petr Caslava, and Pavel Jarosch, 2-4 players get to play as guild leaders in the famed City of Silver during the 14th-century economic boom. This coincides with the discovery of silver, one of Earth’s most copious precious metals, near the Cistercian monastery, which gives people the idea of building Kutná Hora, one of Europe’s most important cities at the time.

The game clearly oozes with historic reference, and deservedly so. The city-building Eurogame will definitely put your mettle to a test. Players will get to decide how to take action and spend resources to make the most out of the game’s dynamic economy. If you know anything about CGE, you will certainly be aware that strategic depth is a main feature of their games.

Now, players will select from a number of actions from a hand of double-sided cards. They will be offered opportunities to mine, purchase plots of land or building, as well as gain permits, raise buildings and gain profit from production. You know what, it’s a lot, but it feels right for a Eurogame. 

The Economy Is a Domino – Topple One Piece and Everybody Feels It 

Guilds will add more variety to the gameplay, with asymmetry dominating the game courtesy of each player’s guild. This game will focus on interconnectivity between players and their guilds with the unifying factor – the economy. Decisions you make will have an impact on others much, in the same way, the living beast of the economy impacts us all with its butterfly effect.

Ultimately, Kutná Hora: The City of Silver will come down to players trying to balance the goal of building the cathedral and advancing their own good fortune. It’s an exciting time to be a silver smithy! To get a good full read of the game, we strongly recommend checking out CGE’s Twitch channel.

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