Lost Ruins of Arnak The Missing Expedition expansion
Image credit: Czech Games Edition

Lost Ruins of Arnak, a game by designer Michaela “Mín” Štachová, is about to get bigger with the addition of “The Missing Expedition” expansion. The game is set to hit retail in 2023 and the expansion will let players test new strategies with the help of fresh expedition leaders – two of them, to be correct.

Add More Variety to Lost Ruins of Arnak 

Players will get to benefit from research tracks and artefacts, assistants, and items, all of which will contribute to launching the most successful expedition and gaining the most renown through making groundbreaking discoveries. The expansion can be played as a part of a solo or two-player cooperative campaign, but you can also fit it with the main game by Czech Games Edition, which is also publishing the expansion.

The box will feature a six-chapter campaign, along with new cards, research tracks, and leaders, as mentioned. The Missing Expedition will be sold at $29.95, according to the publisher, and it is set to play in 30-120 minutes for players aged 12+. Added to the core game, the game plays with the standard 1-4 player count

“The Lost Expedition” is also fully compatible with the Expedition Leaders expansion, adding more variety to the adventure board game as you go along. The original game, Lost Ruins of Arnak, is one of the best deck-building and worker placement games of explorations available to players to discover and enjoy. 

While the game has a fair bit of randomness, this is successfully mitigated by the tactical decisions that players can make to ensure that they secure and forge their own path to victory. There is a nice balance to strike between expediency and bidding your own time, routes to take, and who you would bring on your expeditions. 

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