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Stonemaier Games' Wyrmspan board game.

Stonemaier Games Announces Wyrmspan, a Wingspan Cousin

Stonemaier Games, the studio behind Expeditions, Wingspan, Tapestry, Scythe, and many others, has announced a new 1-5-player game, Wyrmspan. The game, which has been jocosely dubbed a Wingspan with dragons, plays over 90 minutes and is more or less that. Stonemaier Games Wants You to Protect Dragons In the game, each player sets out to build a sanctuary for dragons of...
Acram Digital's online version of Charterstone board game.

Stonemaier Offers a Glimpse of Physical vs Digital Board Game Sales

Stonemaier Games, a publisher and developer of such board gaming blockbusters as Viticulture, Charterstone, Scythe and Wingspan, has offered a detailed breakdown of how well each of these games has performed in terms of sales across digital and physical channels. Stonemaier Examines Digital and Physical Sales of Board Games  Often subject to speculation and some Luddite fear, Stonemaier Games has decided...
Tiles from Stonemaier Games' Expeditions.

Check Out Scythe’s Sequel, Expeditions, and Its Quest System

On February 1, the publisher of acclaimed strategy board game Scythe, Stonemaier Games, announced the franchise’s new upcoming sequel called Expeditions and players are already looking forward to it, with a good number having pre-ordered from the official website already. Expeditions and Building upon the Scythe Legacy Released in 2016, Scythe is an engine-building game where players must conquer territories, win new recruits, collect...
Wingspan's Asia expansion coverage.

Wingspan’s Asia Expansion Will Include New Game Modes

Game studio Stonemaier Games has confirmed that the third expansion of Elizabeth Hargrave’s hit board game “Wingspan” will include two brand new game modes, a new Asian theme and will introduce new bird species from all over the Asian continent. The new expansion, appropriately titled “Wingspan Asia”, was first introduced at the German SPIEL event in Essen earlier this year,...
The Indian Peafowl in Wingspan: Asia Expansion.

Stonemaier Games Reveals Wingspan: Asia Expansion

Stonemaier Games has revealed the third expansion to the award-winning board game Wingspan, with the latest addition to the title focusing on Asian birds. Ornithologists the world over will be chuffed to know that the upcoming title, aptly named Wingspan Asia Expansion, is arriving early in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will feature dozens of new birds and...