The Indian Peafowl in Wingspan: Asia Expansion.
Image Source: Stonemaier Games

Stonemaier Games has revealed the third expansion to the award-winning board game Wingspan, with the latest addition to the title focusing on Asian birds. Ornithologists the world over will be chuffed to know that the upcoming title, aptly named Wingspan Asia Expansion, is arriving early in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will feature dozens of new birds and additional components. The first card for the new project has also been revealed, with the Indian Peafowl as one of the playing cards.

Wingspan Asia Expansion Spreads Its Wings Over New Continent

More information about the release and details are forthcoming. Previous iterations of the game include the European Expansion and Oceania Expansion both of which managed to build upon the original title in both terms of gameplay and variety. The educational nature of the game has been one of its strongest features, and its unique theme and beautiful design – one of its biggest hooks.

Stonemaier Games has not confirmed how many expansions it intends to release, but it’s possible that the company will want to introduce one expansion for each continent. Wingspan was originally released in 2019 and won overwhelming support. It achieved critical acclaim with dozens of awards brought home and tens of thousands of sold copies worldwide. The game has been translated into 23 languages, making it one of the most accessible titles as well.

The game is billed as a medium-weight, card-driven engine builder but it manages to transcend these definitions because of its beautiful theme and if somewhat abstract gameplay. The game was created by Elizabeth Hargrave, a designer known for her works on Tussie Mussie and Mariposas. The artwork for the original game was done by Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo and Natalia Rojas.

New Way of Introducing Board Game Reveals by Stegmaier

The game has mechanics reminiscent of those found in Gizmo’s and Terraforming Mars but they are deployed in a new and refreshing way. Jamey Stegmaier, the founder of Stonemaier Games, has explained why the company wanted to tease fans only three months before the release date give or take.

While this is a new form of communicating future products, Stegmaier is confident that it could work as it allows the company to focus on sorting out the final product rather than worry about too much feedback.

He acknowledged that he drew some inspiration from how Wizards of the Coast would reveal a card for Magic the Gathering before the actual card sets are released, but argued that this process could have piled on too many questions.

Regardless, Stegmaier sought feedback on the latest reveal and promised to take it into consideration moving forward, and as a nod to Wizards of the Coast, we now know the first card in this upcoming expansion.

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