Wingspan's Asia expansion coverage.
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Game studio Stonemaier Games has confirmed that the third expansion of Elizabeth Hargrave’s hit board game “Wingspan” will include two brand new game modes, a new Asian theme and will introduce new bird species from all over the Asian continent.

The new expansion, appropriately titled “Wingspan Asia”, was first introduced at the German SPIEL event in Essen earlier this year, where in addition to the new game modes, 90 new bird cards and 11 additional bonus cards were also showcased. Like in the previous expansions, they can be mixed into the base game for additional playable content.

“Wingspan Asia” is expected to become available for pre-purchase sometime in November on Stonemaier’s website. Currently, the pre-purchase price is kept under wraps, but the studio has shared that $1 of each purchase will go to select charitable organizations that benefit birds in Asia – an awesome way to contribute to the environment.

Solitary Bird Watchers Will Be Pleased With the New Solo Mode

For those solitary bird watchers out there, “Wingspan Asia” will also include a solo mode, to complement the original solo mode introduced in the original “Wingspan”. Note the expansion will be played under the new automa rules, which means the player will be put against an artificial opponent. The overall goal will be the same as in the original “Wingspan” – purchase new birds from a limited market using food tokens, use their abilities in order to purchase their valuable eggs, and earn victory points. The game is played over the course of four rounds. At the end of the fourth round, whoever has the most victory points is declared the winner.

Unlike its predecessors, “Wingspan Asia” will be a stand-alone expansion, meaning players will not be needing the base copy of the original “Wingspan” to enjoy the game. This stand-alone experience will support only 1-2 players. While that is a rather low number, that’s where the new “Flock Mode” comes in – this new game mode will give you the opportunity to combine the expansion with the original game and extend the player base up to 6 or 7 players.

Join the Flock – The New “Flock Mode” Supports up to 7 Players

Note that “Flock Mode” can be combined with multiple expansions for the ultimate bird-lover experience! The new mode will be played by having two active players at a time, in order to avoid the games going on for long periods of time. Additionally, to ensure game balance, the “Flock Mode” will have “paired” players assigned specific bird trays and bird feeders. This is done so they don’t overwhelm the game board each round, which will in turn ensure fair play. Finally, again due to game balance reasons, all player goals and triggers will be shared.

The new “duet mode” will place two players against one another in a race to claim specific nesting spots on the map. The ability to claim spots will be dependent on a specific bird’s specifications – habitat, size, diet or nest type. “Duet mode” certainly provides an interesting take on “Wingspan” and is bound to spark player interest.

More information is bound to come in the following weeks, so we will make sure to keep you posted with the latest news!

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