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Car Wars Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games Reports “No Dramatic Failures” in 2022

US publisher Steve Jackson Games posted the annual overview of the company’s performance, dubbed “the annual stakeholder report for 2022,” in which he whimsically took a jab at Fortune 500 companies, and offered a full disclosure of the company’s financial and the personal significance of its success. The Shareholder’s Success Is Everyone’s Success The year 2022 proved to be one that...
Munchkin South Park edition.

Munchkin South Park Hits Retail Shelves

Munchkin South Park, the latest installment in the popular card game series, has now officially released into retail. The game, which is a collaboration between The Op and Steve Jackson Games, has been successfully released on Friday, March 24, and is now available to grab a copy of at $29.99. Munchkin South Park Available at Long Last Drawing on the familiar...
A Munchkin digital preview.

Popular Board Game “Munchkin” Is Coming to PC and Mobile

The dungeon-delving fantasy board game “Munchkin” will be getting a video game version. “Munchkin Digital” is set to adapt the popular dungeon crawler, which involves a ton of exploration and fighting monsters, into a full-fledged video game. In it, players will have to venture into a dungeon, explore it and defeat the enemies they find inside. Each victory will make...