Munchkin South Park edition.
Image credit: Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin South Park, the latest installment in the popular card game series, has now officially released into retail. The game, which is a collaboration between The Op and Steve Jackson Games, has been successfully released on Friday, March 24, and is now available to grab a copy of at $29.99.

Munchkin South Park Available at Long Last

Drawing on the familiar gameplay of the Munchkin series, the game has been infused with South Park’s humor, guaranteeing good laughs as you play along. Players will get to play one of the show’s characters and navigate the school life of South Park Elementary, choosing from a great many pieces of equipment designed to help them win.

Munchkin South Park will expect you to defeat some of the show’s putative villains, whether this is ManBearPig, Beelzaboot, or Satan. Players will also have to be on their toes and make sure that they don’t get hit with penalties such as the Pandemic Special or end up at the pointy end of a backstabbing player.

The project was inspired by Andrew Hackard, an enormous South Park fan and a styled “Munchkin Czar” who passed away on June 17, 2021. The set is a tribute to the man who poured his heart into crafting a solid Munchkin experience worthy of fans of both the card game and South Park.

Players who dive into the gameplay will be able to grab iconic items from the franchise, such as Kennys Throwing Star or Towelie and work their way to secure trustworthy allies such as Butters Stotch as they attempt to defeat the villains. The goal of the game is to ascend to level 10 and do so without others getting in your way.

The Op and Steve Jackson Games, the original creator of the franchise, are confident that you will definitely come to love the South Park edition designed to bring you many a good laugh while playing.

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