A Munchkin digital preview.
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The dungeon-delving fantasy board game “Munchkin” will be getting a video game version. “Munchkin Digital” is set to adapt the popular dungeon crawler, which involves a ton of exploration and fighting monsters, into a full-fledged video game.

In it, players will have to venture into a dungeon, explore it and defeat the enemies they find inside. Each victory will make them stronger, gaining a level after each one, and collecting gear. The ultimate goal is to reach level 10 – whichever player does it first wins the game. While dungeoneering, players will be able to use equipment cards, which will either buff them or grant entirely new abilities that will help them slay any enemy they face along the way.

If at any time during their run a particular enemy proves too strong for a player, they can ask the others for help. However, the struggling adventurer will have to yield some of the loot to their helpers. If opposing players accept the offer to help you, their numbers from their equipment are added to your total.

If players choose to be a little cheeky, they can use certain cards to make an enemy more power to force a fighting player to ask for help or to ensure their inevitable defeat. If a player can’t defeat an enemy, he or she must roll a six-sided die to try to escape. If the result is 5 or more – the player escapes successfully. Note that escaping doesn’t grant the player any loot or rewards. Anything less than 5 results in death, losing all items collected along the way. However, the player’s level is not lost upon death.

New Solo Mode and Online Multiplayer

Overall, “Munchkin Digital” will not be that much different from its board game version – visually and gameplay-wise. New players will have the opportunity to go through a tutorial, in order to learn the rules and mechanics faster. “Munchkin Digital” will also offer two modes of gameplay – solo and multiplayer. The solo game mode will offer unique challenges with special rules, which means players will have to tackle the enemies in a whole new way.

Each game will bring something different to the table, ensuring replayability. The solo mode sure sounds exciting. The multiplayer mode will enable players to challenge their friends without the need for a game table. Distance is no longer a problem if you want to enjoy a game of “Munchkin” with a friend.

The game is being co-created between Dire Wolf Digital, the studio behind “Eternal” and “Clank!”; and Steve Jackson Games, the company behind the original “Munchkin” board game. “Munchkin Digital” will be available for PC and mobile devices. It is set for release sometime this autumn, but a retail price has not been confirmed yet.

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