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A roundup of the best Steam board games.

Steam Board Games

Steam is renowned for its selection of computer games, but recently, a new wave has washed over the platform. Steam board games are not only a novelty item in shopping baskets – they are one of the most popular products on the platform. As board games in general have become extremely popular, so have their digital counterparts gathered, well…...
Valve's Steam digital marketplace logo.

Magic: The Gathering Coming to Steam on May 23

Magic: The Gathering’s digital client will be part of Steam’s library of games, making the MTG Arena platform more accessible to players. A launch is set for May 23, offering users in one of the biggest digital marketplaces a chance to glance upon the world’s leading trading card game. Boosting MTG: Arena’s Visibility via Steam This will hopefully lead to a...
Big Trouble Game Studio's cover art for The King's Dilemma PC game.

The King’s Dilemma Transformed into a PC Game for Steam

Legacy tabletop game “The King’s Dilemma” will reinvent itself for PC later this year. Designed by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the video game version of “The King’s Dilemma” will be spearheaded by Big Trouble Game, a studio founded by Horrible Guild’s chief executive Lorenzo Silva. The Kings Dilemma Comes to Steam in PC Version Horrible Guild has been expanding rapidly...