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Image: Valve

Magic: The Gathering’s digital client will be part of Steam’s library of games, making the MTG Arena platform more accessible to players. A launch is set for May 23, offering users in one of the biggest digital marketplaces a chance to glance upon the world’s leading trading card game.

Boosting MTG: Arena’s Visibility via Steam

This will hopefully lead to a boost in Magic: The Gathering’s visibility ahead of a planned console releases as well. Publisher Wizards of the Coast has been enjoying steadfast results for its products over the past months. The company now wants to ensure that it continues to grow in the digital segment, even running annual competition featuring seven-figure prizes.

Steam though is not the first time the Wizards have released a dedicated PC client through a marketplace. The company did indeed launch with Epic Games’ own store prior to turning to steam. MTG Arena has been mostly accessible through the game’s dedicated website where the popular TCG is available in a digital format, with cards and packs redeemable online, creating tight synergies between the two verticals.

Regardless, no further information detailing the upcoming release of consoles was outlined during MagicCon, the dedicated exhibition that focuses on all things Magic: The Gathering. There is something interesting about the digital release of MTG Arena on Steam, though, and this is whether a version for Steamdeck would be coming as well.

Steamdeck is Valve’s proprietary handheld console, and Valve is the owner of Steam digital marketplace. This seems like a fair assumption given the fact that MTG Arena has been confirmed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch.

As further details will be probably forthcoming in due course, Steam account holders can already add the MTG Arena client on their Wishlist and wait for the full release later in May.

Stoyan Todorov

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