A roundup of the best Steam board games.
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Steam is renowned for its selection of computer games, but recently, a new wave has washed over the platform. Steam board games are not only a novelty item in shopping baskets – they are one of the most popular products on the platform. As board games in general have become extremely popular, so have their digital counterparts gathered, well… Steam!

Today, we look at the best Steam board games that have appeared on the platform. This is by no means the full list of games available, as there are over a hundred fantastic adaptations to check out. Frankly, many more are coming as well. Still, we present to you those board games on Steam we think will appeal to you. Let’s take a look.

1. Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

Root digital version available on Steam board games.

The digital adaptation on Steam of the award-winning game Root by Dire Wolf has been a success with players on the platform. Root is one of the best-ranked games of all time in which you assume the roles of various factions of the Woodland realm and set out to score points by controlling territories in the play area and defeating your opponents.

Not all critters seek annihilation, as some factions are more tactical. Yet, you need to combine strategy and risk at the right time to guide your forest faction to victory. Root by Dire Woof is one of the best Steam board games to discover on the platform right now and play with your friends or solo.

Try Root on Steam OR Buy Root on Amazon US

2. Everdell

Everdell's digital version available on Steam.

Another excellent Steam board game adaptation by Dire Wolf, Everdell brings the beloved board game in digital form, focusing on creating a compelling and visually rich gameplay that does the physical game justice. In Everdell Digital Edition, you will play as the critters of a forest and try to harvest resources to build a village where the little guys can find shelter, warmth, and food during the winter.

Everdell is hailed as one of the best board games of the last years, and its digital version lives up to its stellar reputation. The city builder will easily have you enrapt in the visuals, but remember, the gameplay is every bit as subtle and delicate and you would need to focus to build the best village, advance work on the main tree shelter, and win!

Try Everdell on Steam OR Buy Everdell on Amazon US

3. Carcassonne

Carcassonne's steam board game.

Carcassonne is easily one of the best board games of all time, released in 2000 and adapted for Steam by Twin Sails Interactive. The resulting product is a delicate, quick, and highly-praised version of the physical game. In Carcassonne, you seek to complete cities, control farmland, spread religion, and corner roads and bridges. Oh, yes – and there is a dragon and a princess, a good fairy and so much more.

The game offers both single and multiplayer options so you can always play with your friends if you choose to or go it alone. The overlay is neat and easy to follow, and you will have no trouble drafting tiles out of the digital bag and placing them to score the most points in this authentic digital adaptation of Carcassonne which promises countless hours of fun.

Try Carcassonne on Steam OR Buy Carcassonne on Amazon US

4. Small World

Small World digital version available on Steam board games.

Small World by Days of Wonder is another excellent Steam board game to try. The game will have you play as multiple fantasy races trying to secure territories, points, and control over the land in an almost futile tug-of-war against equally ravenous and belligerent factions. Each round will have you spread your forces thin trying to withstand the advance of your fellow players who seek to extract gold and win by accumulating the most wealth.

The random market allows you to have unique combinations of races and special abilities which create a captivating experience across the board. Also, don’t worry, because if you suddenly find yourself too ahead in the game, the other players in the game will make sure to rectify this! There are no allegiances in Small World – only the almighty pursuit of precious gold!

Try Small World on Steam OR Buy Smallworld on Amazon US

5. Splendor

Splendor digital version available on Steam board games.

Splendor is many players’ first board game, and it has been available on Steam for many years now. The game recreates the classic card-drafting and resource-management title in which you try to score 15 points before anyone else, build your city using cards, and claim favor from the nobility.

The digital adaptation by Twin Sails Interactive follows well the core dynamic of the gameplay and provides you with a seamless experience that elevates your play sessions with excellent graphics. Acquire mines, artisans, and transportation methods and become the most affluent merchant of the Renaissance period!

Try Splendor on Steam OR Buy Splendor on Amazon US

6. The Game of Life

The Game of Life digital version available on Steam board games.

Inspired by the original board game and brought to life on Steam by Marmalade Game Studio Ltd, The Game of Life is a highly thematic and highly successful digital adaptation of the titular game. Emulating the adventuresque tropes of the original and providing you with the opportunity to dive into fun activities in an optimized format, The Game of Life is a spot-on gateway to the classic which may even play quicker and more fun in its digital format.

Try The Game of Life on Steam OR Buy The Game of Life on Amazon US

7. A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Digital Edition on Steam

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game is a fun digital adaptation of the blockbuster TV series and books, and the physical board game, by Dire Wolf Digital, a developer whose name you certainly know by now. The game recreates the dynamic gameplay of the original board game by allowing you to play on your own in a single-player or invite your friends and embark on an epic and admittedly back-stabbing adventure of cat and mouse.

Dire Wolf has done an excellent job of recreating the intricate mesh of rules that a board game comes with, using many prompts and rule clarifications that make the gameplay easy and intuitive to even players who are new to the wargame. One of the most competitive and intriguing strategy games of all time, this digital adaptation does the original game justice!

Try A Game of Thrones on Steam OR Buy A Game of Thrones on Amazon US

8. Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy digital version available on Steam board games.

One of the most captivating civilization-building games on this list, Roll for the Galaxy is definitely one of the Steam board games you want to at least consider. Originally developed by Rio Grande Games and adapted by Temple Gates Games, Roll for the Galaxy will have you roll dice where each side represents your populace which you can utilize to complete different tasks and make various advancements across your civilization.

Smart resource management and perhaps just a bit of luck will make you stand tall in the grand objective which is to develop the most prosperous empire and indeed win the proverbial race for the Galaxy! The digital implementation of the title is a lot of fun and it has been well-received by fans of the title as well as new players!

Try A Roll of the Galaxy on Steam OR Buy Roll for the Galaxy on Amazon US

9. Smash Up

The Smash Up digital version available on Steam board games.

The digital adaptation of Smash Up by Nomad Games places it on our list of great Steam board games, although the user interface would have you wonder when you first get to try the game. This is reflected in the player feedback which offers mostly mixed opinions. Yet, this is Smash Up, the never-ending space fight for various stations which will see you expand resources and throw your all in the intergalactic warfare!

With fun and pacey gameplay, the digital adaptation is a fantastic take on the physical board game, but it just misses what makes Talisman, another of Nomad’s digital board game titles, so special. Personally, we would much rather play Smash Up in person rather than on Steam, and are not ashamed to admit that we do have the Bigger Geekier Box in our possession!

Try Smash Up on Steam OR Buy Smash Up on Amazon US

10. Axis and Allies

Axis & Allies 1942 Online on Steam

Axis and Allies was introduced to Steam’s board games library fairly late – in 2021. Since then, the game has gained momentum and sold thousands of copies, developed, and published by Beamdog. Axis and Allies 1942 Online lets you team up with your friends, play against the world’s best players, or try and defeat the AI in this race of superpowers on the cusp of mutual annihilation.

Engaged in the battles of World War II, players will get to play as the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union as the Allies and Germany and Japan as the Axis. The design is intuitive and allows players to quickly zoom in and out of the theater of battle and play seamlessly what is a complex wargame simulator. The game is so well optimized by Beamdog that you can jump into play as a new player and learn on the go without slowing down your fellow players.

Try Axis & Allies 1942 Online on Steam OR Buy Axis & Allies 1942 on Amazon US

11. Sagrada

Sagrada digital version available on Steam board games.

Dubbed a game of dice drafting and window crafting, Sagrada lives up to its name. The Steam board game also goes the extra mile and introduces a product that not only captures the motley and colorful visuals of the physical game, but also goes a notch further to expand and add convenient features such as decent AI, a campaign mode, leaderboards, and more.

The game works well on phones as well as desktop computers, making it fun and easy to try and complete the intricate designs, either solo or in co-op mode. Developed by Dire Wolf, and adapted from Floodgates Games’ original title, Sagrada is a visual feast for the eyes that is punctuated by solid underlying gameplay.

Try Sagrada on Steam OR Buy Sagrada on Amazon US

12. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride's digital version available on Steam board games.

Ticket to Ride has been adapted as one of the many great Steam board games on this list only recently. Marmalade Game Studio Ltd. introduced the title on November 14, 2023, and it has been smooth going so far. In Ticket to Ride, you set out to connect cities with trains and create your railroad empire.

The game is immeasurably captivating and offers a long list of gameplay options, including all-out competitive, team play, and even a legacy version that was recently released as a physical game. The Ticket to Ride digital adaptation on Steam is also a worthwhile way to enjoy the game, owing to great graphics and smooth gameplay that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Personally, though, we would much rather play the physical game and avoid the digital variant.

Try Ticket to Ride on Steam OR Buy Ticket to Ride on Amazon US

13. One Deck Dungeon

One Deck Dungeon on Steam

One Deck Dungeon is a unique card-driven approach to dungeon crawler games that allows you to use a single deck of cards to run through a dungeon-like experience, build and develop your character from scratch, level them up, and still fight through challenging scenarios that will be difficult to overcome every run through. This sums up the physical counterpart of One Deck Dungeon, whose digital adaptation brought to you by Handelabra Games Inc. strikes home with players on Steam.

Is this one of the best board games on Steam? We certainly think so as it makes for neat, easy, quick, and most importantly – satisfying gameplay. Surprisingly popular with players on the platform, One Deck Dungeon is a great way to onboard a new person to the dungeon crawler genre or have a veteran have a crack at the increasingly challenging scenarios.

Try One Deck Dungeon on Steam OR Buy One Deck Dungeon on Amazon US

14. Star Realms

Star Realms digital version available on Steam board games.

Star Realms is one of the not that many free Steam board games on the platform, and it will have you build a fleet of spaceships, deploy powerful orbital stations, and engage in space warfare of unprecedented scale. The game is a dedicated deckbuilder developed by Wise Wizard Games, LLC that is dynamic, fast, and always offers a chance to triumph over your opponents in exciting bidding of one’s time and deploying of powerful combos of spaceships.

Although luck plays a part in the game, there is a lot of room for strategy. The gameplay itself is very easy to follow and pleasant no matter whether you win or lose, and generally, Star Realms offers a fantastic experience for free! You can then expand on your available cards by buying the other expansions for the game on Steam.

Try Star Realms on Steam OR Buy Star Realms on Amazon US

15. Wingspan

Wingspan, the digital version available on Steam.

In Wingspan, players will compete to create the best habitat and attract the rarest and most beautiful birds. The game is a relaxed tableau and engine-builder that allows players to amicably advance and unfold their stratagems while selecting from a variety of cards that will have ornithologists excited and board gamers of all age groups happy to try a deeply original and scientifically-sound board game.

One of our very best Steam board games, Wingspan allows for a relaxed experience while also inviting competition amongst more experienced and competitive veterans who want to outscore their fellow players and perform better with every draw they make.  

Try Wingspan on Steam OR Buy Wingspan on Amazon US

16. Scythe

Scythe digital version available on Steam board games.

Scythe, the area of control board game, that stormed the world of tabletop in 2016 and became an outstanding digital adaptation in 2018, continues to entertain fans from all over the world. Set in an alternative reality in which Eastern Europe is torn by war, Scythe will have many great nations vie to secure resources, score achievements, and deploy their formidable mechs which allow them to gain and secure specific faction advantages.

The game does not promote outright warfare, but relies on tactical play and a more engaged resource-management and objective completion. The digital adaptation has been released by The Knights of Unity and fully captures the beauty of the original artwork while staying true to the game’s signature gameplay, making it one of the best Steam board games you can purchase.

Try Scythe on Steam OR Buy Scythe on Amazon US

17. Uno

Uno digital version available on Steam board games.

Uno on our list of Steam board games? Are we ought of our minds? Maybe, but the fact remains that this is one of the most commented board games of all time and has more than 36,116 reviews on the platform. Developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, this all-time classic title plays against a Medieval backdrop of Viking paraphernalia, cartography, and great house banners.

Why? We have absolutely no idea. Yet, Uno on Steam plays like a quick and satisfying game that is further simplified by dynamic gameplay that will appeal to the right people. Think what you will, whether you love or hate Uno, you cannot deny you have played it.

Try Uno on Steam OR Buy Uno on Amazon US

18. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars digital version available on Steam board games.

Terraforming Mars is an absolute blockbuster of a board game on Steam that you will most certainly appreciate. The original physical version has been firmly pinned as one of the best and most sold board games of all time but its digital counterpart lives up to this reputation just well. In Terraforming Mars by Artefacts Studio players will once again pursue the rapid terraforming of the Red Planet as self-serving corporations keen on making a lot of profit.

The digital version allows you to get your daily dose of Terraforming Mars when your friends are simply not serious enough to play the game for the 50th time with you this month. The multiplayer here is decent, although some players tend to drop, and the A.I. the game comes with will do well in helping you overcome your sudden craving for turning a galactic profit.

Try Terraforming Mars on Steam OR Buy Terraforming Mars on Amazon US

19. Dune Imperium

Dune Imperium Digital Adaptation on Steam.

Dune Imperium may also be one of the most successful strategy games of all time that the board games community has known. Yet, its digital adaptation is similarly one of the best Steam board games you will find on the platform. You will descend upon Arrakis and play as one of the Great Houses caught in a constant strive to win the Padishah Emperor’s grace, and in some cases – even scheme to usurp the throne and replace him.

Yet, to get there, any house with aspirations to the throne would need to establish tight control on Arrakis and the spice trade, essentially controlling interstellar travel while eliminating opponents who stand in your way. The tragedy of House Arteritis need not repeat itself as Duke Leto may yet live and defeat his treacherous cousin, Baron Harkonnen. It’s an absolute gem of a digital adaptation, the quality of which we are very much used to seeing from Dire Wolf.

Try Dune Imperium on Steam OR Buy Dune Imperium on Amazon US

20. Talisman

Talisman digital version available on Steam board games.

Folky and charming, Talisman is a game of fantastic depth and worth. It’s also one of the obvious progenitors of most dungeon-crawling and fantasy adventure games. The game’s mission is simple – venture through the realm and claim the Crown of Command. The game offers a massive selection of unique characters to choose from and level them up as you explore equipment, weapons, ancient relics, and companions.

Talisman is a fantastic experience in character creation, and although the game was released decades ago, the most recent updates to the physical board game, and now the digital version, make it a completely worthwhile experience for those who seek it. Talisman is a worthy title to try with a solid following, many brilliant variations, and a great core system that puts it on our list of best Steam board games.

Try Talisman on Steam or Buy Talisman on Amazon US

21. Blood Rage

Blood Rage on Steam

Developed by Endava and published by Twin Sails Interactive, Blood Rage has caught the eye of players who love Viking-themed strategy games where each gets to lead their own clan to victory. Definitely one of the best Steam board games on this list, Blood Rage will have you control your own clan of warriors and send them into battle so that they may earn their place in Valhalla. Each clan is led by a leader and has a ship, allowing you to raid and conquer new territories.

Just like in the tabletop version, you will draft cards at the beginning of each round that will determine your strategy in the long run and allow you to soak the land with the blood of your enemy. You will call on mythical beasts for aid, and seek favor from the gods themselves. Visually appealing and gameplay sound, Blood Rage: Digital Edition is a great board game to try on Steam. The only drawback is that it requires an Asmodee account, which we are not too keen on personally.

Try Blood Rage on Steam OR Buy Blood Rage on Amazon US

22. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven Digital, the board game version on Steam.

Gloomhaven has always felt like it was meant to be a turned-based video game, and this is precisely what you can expect from one of the best Steam board games on this list! Developed by Twin Sails Interactive, the digital adaptation of the game is exactly what you want. You will plunge into the depths of caverns and taverns, fighting through tunnels and sewers, making character choices that will determine your morality, and skewer through the flesh of evil things – both living and undead – which are trying to take you down.

For those of you who are particularly excited about the opportunity to play on your own, Gloomhaven: The Digital Edition will let you rotate through all the characters making it a fantastic and exciting turn-based RPG. Fans of Gloomhaven are a little split, with some loving the digital adaptation more so than they do the physical game, but for others, the joy of fighting side-by-side with their adventurers is a feeling most superb that no video game can match.

Try Gloomhaven on Steam OR Buy Gloomhaven on Amazon US

23. Through the Ages

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization by CGE Digital available on Steam.

Through the Ages is an absolute blast brought to you in digital and physical form by CGE (Digital). The game is a fast-paced tableau and deckbuilder where you assume the roles of legendary leaders and balance between your imperialistic ambitions and the vagaries of population shortage, lack of food, and resource scarcity.

Through the Ages is a game for players who love to dive deep into the game and understand it to its core, and possibly one of the best strategy board games on Steam. The game has garnered a solid following allowing it to quickly become one of the most popular titles in its genre and certainly a top digital adaptation to try. Love civilization games and a good challenge? Through the Ages is where you should stop looking.

Try Through the Ages on Steam OR Buy Through the Ages on Amazon US

24. Mystic Vale

Mystic Vale board game by AEG on Steam.

The Valley of Life is in trouble, cursed by some witchcraft that has spread its dark work deep into the ground and across the streams and rivers of this lush paradise. Players will assume the roles of druidic clan leaders, using AEG’s unique card-crafting system to defeat the curse and cleanse the land from corruption.

Yet, mere power is not enough to contain the disease and purify the realm, as the curse is evil, capable of corrupting even those who wield the most potent spells. The game will constantly try to have you turn evil and fail in your quest to save the Valley of Life. Whether you succeed will be a matter of strategy, careful planning, and ultimately resisting the curse.

Try Mystic Vale on Steam OR Buy Mystic Vale on Amazon US

25. Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest, the digital edition of the game as available on Steam.

Warhammer Quest by Rodeo Games and Twistplay will have you cleave your way through dungeons infested with all sorts of horrors. You will pick on your heroes and advance through the recessing darkness where your foes await, honing their weapons, sharpening their teeth, and looking to turn you into their next meal.

The evocative world of the Warhammer universe will have you fight Orcs and Goblins, Trolls, and worse as you try to survive the crucible of your latest adventure. Each room poses a challenge and an opportunity for players to test their mettle and have a blast in what is one of the most captivating digital board games of all time!

Try Warhammer Quest on Steam OR Buy Warhammer Quest on Amazon US

Steam Board Games – A Conclusion

Just as we stated at the start, this list is not complete, but it definitely covers some of the hottest Steam board games and their developers. We have strived to meticulously research what new games have been coming on the market to keep you in the loop and make sure that when you search for a board game on Steam, you will find a great option already waiting. With plenty more games to come.

Stoyan Todorov

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.


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