Big Trouble Game Studio's cover art for The King's Dilemma PC game.
Image Source: Big Trouble Game Studio

Legacy tabletop game “The King’s Dilemma” will reinvent itself for PC later this year. Designed by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, the video game version of “The King’s Dilemma” will be spearheaded by Big Trouble Game, a studio founded by Horrible Guild’s chief executive Lorenzo Silva.

The Kings Dilemma Comes to Steam in PC Version

Horrible Guild has been expanding rapidly across the entertainment medium, launching board games, video games based on those experiences, and toys. Several of the company’s board games have already received video game iteration, including “Dragon Castle: The Board Game,” “Potion Explosion: The Digital App,” “Similo: The Card Game,” and “Railroad Ink Challenge.”

Under Big Trouble, Silva hopes to take the video gaming world by storm using the original IPs created in board gaming. The computer game, called “The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles” will fall on the same line as the tabletop experience.

Players will play as the Head of the Council and attempt to influence members of the inner circle to achieve their goals. In some cases, those objectives could be the common good, but some players may choose to go darker, selfish parts as well. Each experience will be original and provide players with a unique story-telling.

By affiliating themselves with certain houses, players will find it increasingly difficult to make decisions on law, resource management and even going to war. It will all have to be balanced against the demands of allies and anticipate for the scheming of opposing factions.

Navigating Churning Political Waters Hours in 4-Hour Gameplay

Big Trouble is hoping to create an experience that will steep players in the history of the game and enable unique choices, paths, and decision-making The main storylines will be six, but they will branch out into other scenarios, influenced by a player’s decisions and conduct.

Big Trouble Game Studio anticipates for three to four hours of each possible amin scenario, which will result in a final confrontation of the battlefield that is won by cultivating allegiances smartly.

The game will strike home with players who love to immerse themselves in a unique gaming environment where skillful power brokering will guarantee the prosperity of the kingdom or in the very least, allow the players to keep their own heads as rival factions try to exert control over council votes and the realm. “The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles” already has its dedicated page on Steam and is set to launch in Q4, 2022.  

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