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Dungeon Saga Origins Kickstarter saga.

Mantic Games to Launch Dungeon Saga Origins on Kickstarter on March 30

Mantic Games is gearing up to fire off the Kickstarter campaign for its much-anticipated Dungeon Saga Origins’ Legendary Edition which will be arriving before long on March 30, 2023. The game, which is set in the popular series by Mantic Games, is one of the best dungeon crawlers, with the latest installment capitalizing on fans' nostalgia, but also promising to create worthwhile experiences that have been optimized...
Mantic Games's Kickstarter preview for Dungeon Saga Origins.

Mantic Games Revives Dungeon Saga with Origins Instalment

Mantic Games is reviving a classic with the publisher bringing back the Dungeon Saga series. The new instalment in the franchise is called Dungeon Saga Origins and it’s a dungeon crawler that will bring excellent art, spot-on miniatures, and the fast-paced action of the original.  A Classic Dungeon Crawler Adventure Returns The game is set to debut on Kickstarter before long, although no exact date when...