Mantic Games's Kickstarter preview for Dungeon Saga Origins.
Image credit: Mantic Games

Mantic Games is reviving a classic with the publisher bringing back the Dungeon Saga series. The new instalment in the franchise is called Dungeon Saga Origins and it’s a dungeon crawler that will bring excellent art, spot-on miniatures, and the fast-paced action of the original. 

A Classic Dungeon Crawler Adventure Returns

The game is set to debut on Kickstarter before long, although no exact date when this may happen has been revealed just yet. What is known though is that the Dungeon Saga is one of the most successful dungeon crawlers for the tabletop experience. 

The original campaign attracted seven figures worth of funding and a retail copy of the game hit in 2015, making it one of the best games of all time in its genre. In Dungeon Saga Origins, Mantic Games is exploring a prequel story to the game and will use the new title to serve as an entry into the series.

This, though, suggests that Mantic Games will be keeping a close eye on the upcoming product in a bid to gauge its popularity and possibly bring us more instalments in the franchise. Meanwhile, Mantic Games is going to feature an intuitive rule set to make the onboarding process straightforward and easy for new players, there will be scenarios and campaign games for characters that allow them to progress and more abilities that players who are familiar with the franchise can dabble in. 

Manti Games also touts Dungeon Saga Origins as a fun, immersive and accessible game that will be a fitting addition for any group of players – whether you play with friends or family. In fact, the publisher wants to take things a notch further, and help educate the next generation about what makes for a great fantasy adventure.

Meet New Dangers and Dive into the Crowdfunding Bonanza  

Players will have to face off with the terrifying Twilight Kin and defeat them if they ever wish to leave the dungeons of Pannithor in one piece. More details about the game are forthcoming as well, with Mantic Games poised to drop another fantastic dungeon crawler game that is very much a must on your shelf. Keep yourself appraised of the latest update on the official Kickstarter page for Dungeon Saga Origins. 

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