Dungeon Saga Origins Kickstarter saga.
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Mantic Games is gearing up to fire off the Kickstarter campaign for its much-anticipated Dungeon Saga Origins’ Legendary Edition which will be arriving before long on March 302023. The game, which is set in the popular series by Mantic Games, is one of the best dungeon crawlers, with the latest installment capitalizing on fans’ nostalgia, but also promising to create worthwhile experiences that have been optimized for the tastes of present-day gamers.

Defeat the Monsters of the Dungeon with Dungeon Saga Origins 

This means streamlined mechanics that will dovetail nicely with the rich world in which the Dungeon Saga series is set in. Dungeon Saga Origins will feature tons of miniatures, terrains, and foes to slay. Matic Games presented the game with a trailer video for the rollout, offering players a private tour around the Dungeon Saga Origins’ assets. As with all good miniature games, there has been a fair bit of effort going into the minis, which are great and can be made even better with a coat of paint. 

Besides, Mantic Games already did an hour-long gameplay video for those of you who are excited to have a quick look around and see if the game feels as good as it sounds to you personally. Of course, the hour-long gameplay is not enough to nearly unpack the entirety of Dungeons Saga Origins’ Legendary Edition, but it gives a good look at what to expect, and perhaps make up your mind ahead of the Kickstarter campaign’s launch. 

Excellent Game with Plenty of Action to Unpack 

Mantic Games is fairly certain that the new game will bring the best of the dungeon crawler world to the new edition of its distinguished franchise and make it worth players’ while. The game itself plays for 1-5 players over 45-90 minutes and is suitable for players aged 10+. The game was designed by Matt Gilbert and Ciaran Morris and illustrated by Tan Ho Sim. 

There are tons of minis to explore and paint giving them that extra pop on the table, but even if you are not into painting, the experience will feel a great bit of fun even without going to great artistic lengths. To unpack the gameplay a little better, we recommend checking out the gameplay video, and then having a look through the campaign when it finally rolls out. 

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