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Lucky Duck Games' Food Chain Magnate Special Edition on Gamefound.

Food Chain Magnate Special Edition Pulls in €1.3M on Gamefound

Lucky Duck Games is releasing a special edition of the critically acclaimed Food Chain Magnate, the popular highly strategic board game about building a fast food chain. The new special edition’s Gamefound campaign blew up - its goal was reached in just 7 minutes and 13 seconds. Now that’s lightning quick! As of writing this article, the game has...
Nestlings' board game.

Tangerine Games Embarks on Global Localization Partnership with Lucky Duck Games

International tabletop games publisher Lucky Duck Games has signed a worldwide localization partnership with Tangerine Games, the company informed in a press statement.  Lucky Duck Games is an influential company in the tabletop industry, providing players with many notable releases over the past years, including Chronicles of Crime, Kids Chronicles, Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy, and Destinies, among others. The partnership...