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Kill Team and Salvation

Kill Team: Salvation by Games Workshop Goes on Preorder

A new Kill Team box by Games Workshop is coming with the Christmas assembly line seemingly working overtime. The latest option for the franchise’s fans, Kill Team: Salvation, will be available to preorder on December 23, and it will pit the Space Marine Scouts versus Aeldari Striking Scorpions in a game of cat and mouse throughout Bheta-Decima. Kill Team Salvation...
Kill Team League of Votann edition.

Gallowfall Is Coming to an End, but Kill Teams Keep Coming

The Gallowfall's saga is coming to an end, and with it come more Kill Teams - for the Leagues of Votann and the Beastmen in Kill Team: Gallowfall. The Leagues' Hearthkyn Salvager kill team specializes in finding lost loot and precious artifacts, and most importantly - their extraction. Even though they are explorers first, this Kill Team consists of...