Kill Team League of Votann edition.
Image: Games Workshop

The Gallowfall’s saga is coming to an end, and with it come more Kill Teams – for the Leagues of Votann and the Beastmen in Kill Team: Gallowfall. The Leagues’ Hearthkyn Salvager kill team specializes in finding lost loot and precious artifacts, and most importantly – their extraction. Even though they are explorers first, this Kill Team consists of hardened specialists, like the Kognitâar, Luggers, and Hearthkyn warriors equipped with jump-packs.

Those specialists will be needed, as the Gallowfall is full of untold forgotten horrors, like the Chaos-worshiping abhuman Fellgor Ravagers – a band of Beastmen dedicated to the forces of Chaos, who stand in the way of the Leagues of Votann. The Fellgor Ravagers Kill Team consists of 10 brand new models who can be built as standard Fellgor Warriors or various specialist units – an Ironhorn, a Shaman, a Fluxbray, and others. Each model is highly customizable, with interchangeable heads and horns for extra spice and variety.

Both teams will be able to compete in a total of new missions, six of which will reflect the final excavation efforts of the Kill Teams, with the last three reflecting the last-ditch efforts to reach the escape pods – a fitting end to the Gallowdark saga. These missions will be represented in brand new highly immersive and detailed terrains, which include the medical bay and stasis chamber.

However, the end of Gallowdark won’t be the end of Kill Teams, as Warhammer Fest will likely bring more Kill Team reveals, which is definitely something to be excited about.

Blood Bowl Fans Will Be Pleased With Two New Star Players

Withergrasp Doubledrool is a true beast on the field, literally and figuratively. Being born from human parents, he was sure to be highly favored by the Beastmen, and when he was abandoned by his parents in the wild woods, they were not long to take notice of his cries, which appeared to be louder and longer than anything they had ever heard.

When they finally found him, they were astounded – he had two heads, a prehensile tail, and a horrifying tentacle arm. With these impressive gifts, they thought what any beastman would – he would make a perfect Blood Bowl player! And right they were because Withergrasp Doubledrool comes with a special Watch Out! skill, which grants him the Dodge skill (once each half) the first time an opponent targets him with a block action. And even if somehow a player from the enemy team manages to get to him, he can still Wrestle them down with his enormous size and strength. In Blood Bowl, two heads are better than one! Withergrasp Doubledrool can be played by any Chaos-aligned team and will come with his own unique rule card and a gorgeous model.

From the Slann spawning pools come Drull and Dribl, a twin pair of Lizardmen, who are perhaps the dirtiest players in the game. They come with A Sneaky Pair skill, which states that whenever Dribl or Drull perform either a Stab or Foul action against an opposition player marked by both Dribl & Drull, they may apply a +1 modifier to the injury roll. Quite powerful, given that Dribl has Dirty Player (+1), in addition to being a Sneaky Git. Drull’s Stab skill is not to be trifled with, especially with the modifiers. Both brothers have the Sidestep skill, which combined with the usual Dodge and Stunty skills makes them especially nasty and elusive. Naturally, they are available for any Lustrian Superleague team, be it Amazons or Lizardmen.

In some final bits of news, the Adeptus Titanicus will receive four brand new Stratagem Cards – two for the Loyalist and Traitor Princeps, and two for Knight Households. All four packs will be distinctively unique, representing each faction and loyalty beautifully.

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