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Ghost Galaxy's Keyforge art.

KeyForge Wants to Make Entry for New Players Easier

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have been known for a few missteps. The way KeyForge ended under the company’s stewardship is definitely one of the less flattering stories to recall. In any event, Ghost Galaxy Games has acquired the game from FFG preparing for an official release after a very successful campaign that raised $1.1 million from 6,172 backers. Now, one...
KeyForge's rules of play.

KeyForge Receives More Massive Updates

We recently covered KeyForge’s massive changes to make the game more player-friendly. The update was extremely well received by the KeyForge community, quickly rallying the veteran players, hyped up beginners, and bringing in much-needed new blood to the game. Ghost Galaxy Games have also released even more updates to KeyForge, all of which are in the spirit of making...
Ghost Galaxy's KeyForge 2-player set

Ghost Galaxy Is on a Mission to Make KeyForge More Beginner-Friendly

Ghost Galaxy Games has revealed their new and improved KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set. In their new unboxing video, the game's Director of Operations Michael Hurley, and Game Developer Michael Olson explain the changes and improvements in detail. The first major change will be that the starter set's art will remain the same - meaning it will not be branded...
Keyforge's Winds of Exchange

“Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” Might Be the Key to Reviving Keyforge

The newest set for the popular card game franchise “Keyforge” will be key to its survival. “Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” will essentially be used as a measuring stick to determine the overall interest in the game. The choice to set up a crowdfunding campaign instead of a major retail release was not easy. “Keyforge” suffered multiple issues right when it...