Ghost Galaxy's KeyForge 2-player set
Image credit: Ghost Galaxy

Ghost Galaxy Games has revealed their new and improved KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set. In their new unboxing video, the game’s Director of Operations Michael Hurley, and Game Developer Michael Olson explain the changes and improvements in detail.

The first major change will be that the starter set’s art will remain the same – meaning it will not be branded to any particular set. From now on, players will be able to distinguish which sets are included via a special sticker on the outside of the box. In short, in the future when newer sets come out, the starter will be renewed (i.e. reprinted with the same box design), but with different decks inside.

Keyforge’s 2-Player Starter Set Is Easier to Play Than Ever

The overall goal of the new KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set is to make the game extremely accessible to new players. With that in mind, the first thing inside the box is a pamphlet with a QR code, leading to a video tutorial on how to play the game – a very modern approach that is sure to be attractive to the younger audience. But there’s more – the pamphlet will also contain the specific rules for the Winds of Exchange expansion.

There is still a physical rulebook for the old-school and avid readers, which also contains a lot of lore in its second half, including a special section for the latest expansion Winds of Exchange, and a preview of Geistoid from the upcoming expansion Grim Reminders. Naturally, this is suitable for all lore fanatics that want to dive deep into the KeyForge world.

An important note is the fact that this physical rulebook only contains the base rules of the game, meaning that any expansion-specific rules will not be included. As described above, the expansion-specific rules will be included in similar pamphlets. This approach will be far more convenient, easy to print, and beginner-friendly.

New Beginner-Friendly Decks Get You Right Into the Game

The new KeyForge 2 Player Starter Set will include two learning decks. What differentiates them from the retail decks is the fact that they contain a total of 18 numbered cards each. The numbers are placed for a very specific purpose – by setting them from 1 to 18, any player can follow along with the QR tutorial video 1:1.

This means that they will be drawing the exact same cards as the ones drawn in the video. This is an excellent step-by-step approach to the game, making sure the rules and mechanics are given to the player in easily digestible chunks of information. Each of the learning decks’ card list is also added on the back of their signature cards for ease of reference. To make them even more beginner-friendly, the Ghost Galaxy added what seems to be “effect stickers” on each card, which contain a short explanation of what exactly the card does.

Finally, the Starter Set comes with two Wings of Exchange Archon Decks (retail decks) and a whole new line of updated colorful punch board tokens, which will help players navigate through the game better.

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