Keyforge's Winds of Exchange
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The newest set for the popular card game franchise “Keyforge” will be key to its survival. “Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” will essentially be used as a measuring stick to determine the overall interest in the game.

The choice to set up a crowdfunding campaign instead of a major retail release was not easy. “Keyforge” suffered multiple issues right when it was on the crest of a wave. The COVID-19 pandemic and its many complications spared no one, including Fantasy Flight Games, the previous publisher for Keyforge. Perhaps the biggest hit came from the loss of the deck-creation software engine used to generate the random decks the franchise was known for. This led to irreversible damage, leaving the “Keyforge” player base without support. As a result, it diminished greatly.

The Great Revive: Myth or Reality?

However, this summer, the game was purchased by Ghost Galaxy, which chose to test the waters via a Gamefound campaign. This decision was not easy, but it is a smart business choice. It will enable Ghost Galaxy to measure the commitment and interest of the player base without investing too much money. This, in turn, will determine the viability of a full Keyforge comeback.

This will also allow Ghost Galaxy to obtain resources to invest in other key areas crucial to the game. One of those key areas will be the creation of new software for the randomly-generated decks I mentioned earlier, which is the heart of “Keyforge”. Another important aspect will be the migration of the Keyforge “Master Vault” database, which contains the information for every card of the game, as well as all player accounts.

Essentially, Ghost Galaxy has a momentous task ahead. Rather than risk a lot of money and production time, gauging interest through a crowdfunding project made more sense. Judging by the numbers, it was definitely the right call. The Gamefound funding goal was reached in 27 minutes and 31 seconds. Currently, the game is 1000% funded, and the numbers are only growing. Smart business decision indeed.

Richard Garfield is the mind behind “Keyforge: Winds of Exchange”, as well as the entire franchise behind it. Card game enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize the name – he is also the creator of “Magic: The Gathering”.

New Faction, New Mechanics, and Surprise Fan-Favorites Return

The newest “Keyforge” expansion will include a new House – the mercantile Compacts of Ekwidon. There will also be a new game mechanic centered around token generation and usage, which will be featured in several new cards. Finally, several old Houses will make a long awaited return, including fan-favorites Brobnar and Mars.

“Keyforge: Winds of Exchange” is set to release in February 2023. The Gamefound campaign will last until September 26th. Backers who pledged $65 will get six Winds of Exchange decks. Remember, everything in the decks will be random, including the name of each deck!

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