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Undergrove, a game by Elizabeth Hargrave.

Wingspan Designer New Game Is About Trees that Trade Nutrients with Fungi

Elizabeth Hargrave has found various way to introduce scientific principle in her board games, creating sound game designs that rely on their accurate parallels with real life as they do on a good concept from beginning-to-end. Wingspan’s creator new game, Undergrove, is her latest take on the tabletop hobby in which players start as a Douglas-fir tree which try...
Waffle Time by AEG.

AEG to Release Waffle Time Board Game in August

Alderac Entertainment Group has a delightful addition to the board games hobby this August with Waffle Time arriving in stores on August 18, 2023, and yes – Waffle Time is precisely what you expect it to be – a game about making and trying the tastiest waffles. Or, rather putting the sweetest and most delightful toppings to finish them...
CMON and AEG's partnership.

CMON Asia Becomes Official Regional Distributor for AEG

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has officially teamed up with CMON Asia which will be the company’s new distribution partner for the entirety of the region. Essentially, CMON’s subsidiary has been designated AEG’s Master Distributor for Asia.  AEG to Bring a Fleet of Outstanding Games to Asia  CMON will be in charge of distributing both localized versions of AEG’s games as well...
Smash Up's latest movie-inspired expansion.

AEG Presents New Smash Up Expansion Inspired by Movies

Smash Up is hardly going to get dull with Alderac Entertainment Group’s long-running franchise and card game getting new additions across the board. The latest addition to come from the company is Smash Up: Excellent Movies, Dudes!, a set of cards that is fun, a little on the nose, and perhaps just what the game needs. More Movies, More 80s,...
AEG's upcomming game Let's Go! To Japan

AEG Announces Let’s Go! To Japan Inspired by Real Events

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), known for titles such as Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Seaand Spycraft and their most recent games, Mystic Vale, Valley of Kings, and Dice City is letting us have a trip around the Land of the Rising Sun, with a new game called Let’s Go! To Japan AEG announced that the game is scheduled...
Flatout Games' latest game arrival Point City.

Flatout Games Reveals “Point City” as Its Latest Game

Flatout Games has announced a new game “Point City” which will be co-published with Alderac. The new game is a follow-up of “Point Salad,” featuring simple engine-building mechanic that enables players to create a city. New “Point” Game with Cool Theme The first game was designed and illustrated by Adam P. McIver who has not yet been confirmed as a designer...