Flatout Games' latest game arrival Point City.
Image Source: Flatout Games

Flatout Games has announced a new game “Point City” which will be co-published with Alderac. The new game is a follow-up of “Point Salad,” featuring simple engine-building mechanic that enables players to create a city.

New “Point” Game with Cool Theme

The first game was designed and illustrated by Adam P. McIver who has not yet been confirmed as a designer for the new title. However, Flatout Games has mentioned Dylan Mangini as the person responsible for the illustrations in the new title.

While details are sparse presently, the tweet that announced the game has already had some positive feedback. “Holy heck this speaks to my soul,” one follower noted. Engine building and a city building theme seem to appeal to the majority of people who have seen and responded to the announcement.

“Point” games now seem to be shaping up as a genre of their own that Flatout Games could seek to explore. Meanwhile, the announcement elicited a number of positive feedback about “Point Salad” with fans hoping that the upcoming release will come close to the dynamic established in the first game.

“A Bit More Going On”

The trickles of info continued in the Twitter discussion with Flatout Games offering more insight into the upcoming game. “There is a bit more going on because there is resource management and engine-building,” the company said in a commentary under the official tweet announcement.

However, the new game retains a lot of the quick-to-get-into nature of “Point Salad,” the publisher said. The company was excited about the game, having elicited a strong reaction from the community who seem to be equally eager to give “Point City” a shot. As of this time, there is no official entry in BoardGameGeek still, with more details about the new game still forthcoming.

“Point Salad” was released in 2019 and rated 7.2 with more than 14,000 votes. This points to Alderac’s ability to connect with audiences and market its products successfully. Hopefully, the new game will also get some better reviews as well, although there already seems to be an overwhelming wave of positive for the new title as well.

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