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Cascadia Landmarks expansion cover.

Cascadia Gets “Landmarks” Expansion, Adds 5-6 Players

The tile-laying game of Cascadia by Flatout Games and designer Randy Flynn is getting a worthy expansion that will bring more quaint vibes to your board game night. An expansion for the game has been announced with Cascadia: Landmarks coming later this year. New Ways to Grow Your Cascadia Experience  Cascadia Landmarks follows the very same dynamic established by the base...
Flatout Games' latest game arrival Point City.

Flatout Games Reveals “Point City” as Its Latest Game

Flatout Games has announced a new game “Point City” which will be co-published with Alderac. The new game is a follow-up of “Point Salad,” featuring simple engine-building mechanic that enables players to create a city. New “Point” Game with Cool Theme The first game was designed and illustrated by Adam P. McIver who has not yet been confirmed as a designer...