Cascadia Landmarks expansion cover.
Image credit: Flatout Games

The tile-laying game of Cascadia by Flatout Games and designer Randy Flynn is getting a worthy expansion that will bring more quaint vibes to your board game night. An expansion for the game has been announced with Cascadia: Landmarks coming later this year.

New Ways to Grow Your Cascadia Experience 

Cascadia Landmarks follows the very same dynamic established by the base game, where you get to build sprawling habitats, with the added twist of picking a beautiful natural landmark in the expansion. 

The landmarks are a special feature of the gameplay, where you get to turn the habitat into a far more unique and picturesque scenery which will naturally count towards your end-game scoring condition and help you pull ahead of other players.

To make things better, Landmarks is a modular expansion that will allow you to host two additional players, adding a 5th and 6th player to the core game, along with the necessary components, including new wildlife scoring cards and habitat tiles to keep the variety in the game going. 

Apart from that, the new expansion is pretty much the same old Cascadia that you know and love. The game will ask you to place habitat tiles to create matching terrain and reduce fragmentation while creating wildlife corridors. Of course, this unique and beautiful mechanic has its specific reason in the game – scoring points.

You want to have and control the largest area of each possible habitat in the game in order to score the best results. Now, you will also want to make sure that you add a fitting landmark that will give you the opportunity to increase your final scoring.

Cascadia Landmarks is coming in the fall of 2023 and has been illustrated by Beth Sobel. The game’s new instalment is definitely a much-looked-forward addition to the core gameplay and a great way to add more wonder to your Cascadia experience. 

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