Waffle Time by AEG.
Image credit: AEG

Alderac Entertainment Group has a delightful addition to the board games hobby this August with Waffle Time arriving in stores on August 18, 2023, and yes – Waffle Time is precisely what you expect it to be – a game about making and trying the tastiest waffles. Or, rather putting the sweetest and most delightful toppings to finish them off!

Did Anybody Say Waffles? AEG Did! 

In the game, players will seek to compete in building the most delectable breakfast consisting of waffles and the assortment of fruit, cream and other goodies that go well with one of the tastiest breakfasts of all time.

Players will top their own set of waffles with fruit, whipped cream, and maple syrup among other options to get the best possible results – and quench their hunger! Although, do not try to eat the cards. The better you use the syrup and additional waffle toppings, the more points you will score. The core mechanic in Waffle Time is card drafting which leaves something to chance after all.

Apart from trying to get better points, you will similarly see that cards can actually reverse the turnover or change it. Eight rounds of tasty fun will be played before the game comes to an end with the player who holds the most points naturally becoming the winner. Whether you choose to award them a serving of waffles as a result is down to you. 

Waffle Time is a compact box that has plenty of content, nevertheless. You will find 9 draft titles, 2 turn order tiles, 70 syrup beads, a scope pad, 33 cards, 135 tokens, 4 player pawns, 4 waffle boards, and a lot more! The game is fit for four players aged 10+ and it plays in 30 minutes. The retail price is expected to be $39.99 according to Alderac. 

Waffle Time is a family-friendly game with a great theme which will perhaps be consumed best with a serving of waffles not just for the winner but the entire party! 

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