CMON and AEG's partnership.
Image credit: AEG

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has officially teamed up with CMON Asia which will be the company’s new distribution partner for the entirety of the region. Essentially, CMON’s subsidiary has been designated AEG’s Master Distributor for Asia

AEG to Bring a Fleet of Outstanding Games to Asia 

CMON will be in charge of distributing both localized versions of AEG’s games as well as their English originals, focusing on popular games, upcoming releases, and all. The deal, AEG believes, will help it to significantly scale its local presence and help it bridge the gap between Western and Eastern markets.

AEG is confident that its products are up to snuff and they will be welcomed by Asian board gamers, especially now that CMON is in charge of distribution. Commenting on this opportunity, CMON founder & CEO David Doust welcomed the opportunity to align the two companies’ operations together in Asia, adding:

We have a shared vision in growing the Asian market as we believe it is at the tipping point of explosive growth.

CMON founder & CEO David Doust

Doust hailed AEG’s established track record for producing top-notch games from a wide range of the board game experience whether this has to do with more complicated “expert level” games or casual gateway experiences. “We look forward to synergizing projects in Asia together,” concluded Doust. 

AEG owner & CEO John Zinser was similarly pleased with the opportunity to see AEG’s games arrive on new markets, or further strengthen their positions in already available ones. Zinser said that much of the industry would now rely on know-how exchange and building strong relationships whereby each party brings their strengths to the table. 

“The evolution of our existing collaboration with CMON Asia – a leader in localization and distribution on the Asian market – into this agreement is the next logical step for our partnership,” Zinser added. 

Very fittingly, AEG recently announced the Kickstarter campaign for Let’s Go! Japan, a game inspired by the designer’s carefully planned trip that never took place because of the pandemic. Let’s Go! Japan will now be distributed by CMON Asia once it goes live.  

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