Osprey Games' Undaunted: Battle of Britain's cover art.
Image Source: Osprey Games

Osprey Games is bringing another instalment in the Undaunted series, with the fight taking to the skies of battle in the aptly named Battle of Britain. The two-player game, which is coming on June 13, and designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin, will focus on the namesake Battle of Britain when fighter jets roared over the country as the German Luftwaffe fought the Royal Air Force, repelling the invader.

Fight over Britain to Repel the Luftwaffe 

Once again, players will get to choose which side they want to fight for, with deckbuilding one of the core mechanics of the game that allows you to manoeuvre your fleet with precision, avoid flak fire, and lock in on enemy fighter jets. 

The battle takes place during the summer of 1940, and just like any excellent Undaunted game, this one is oozing in historic accuracy. The game comes as a standalone product so you need not worry about combining it with other instalments to make the gameplay work. 

For those familiar with the core gameplay in the series, Undaunted: Battle of Britain will feel like a great title to get into quickly and explore the many unknowns of aerial combat. The game will come down to managing your deck and ensuring that your fighter jets and pilots fight together and pressure the enemy.

Historic accuracy is not important here as this wargame is all about promoting the best player as the victor. But to triumph, you need to conquer the skies first. The game will be available in retail for $55 and is illustrated by Roland MacDonald. The Undaunted series has proven to be a hard-hitting blockbuster with not just its core audiences, but new players of the franchise and genre.

The suspenseful game of cat and mouse is present not just in the latest adaptation in the series, but well across the series where your opponent draws and plays a surprising advantage that throws your plans in an entirely different direction. Still, it’s all very much worth it and a great bit of fun. Mark your calendars.

In case you have missed it, check out General Orders: World War II, a deckbuilding game with euro elements by the same designers. 

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