Undaunted's Stalingrad expansion.
Image credit: Osprey Games

Wargaming is one of the most captivating genres in the board games hobby – it’s often one of the most daunting ones as well, with just a smidgeon of elitism about it. Fear not, designers Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson who have worked on the Undaunted Series with Osprey Games, are bringing a new wargame that will feature an innovative worker placement mechanic, and in fact, be the first wargame to have this mechanic. 

Worker Placement Mechanic Takes Central Stage in General Orders 

More details will be forthcoming before long, but in the meantime, General Orders: World War II promises to be a fair bit of fun. Presently, no other details are available about the game other than what is magnanimously shared by the publisher, specifically.

General Orders: World War II will follow the rules of traditional wargaming, with the standard tug-of-war between players who will vie to secure swathes of the battlefield and turn the tide of battle in their favor. Fit for 2 players, illustrated by Alex Green, and surprisingly playing in just 30 minutes by players aged 14+, this has to be one of the fastest-paced games in the genre.

Players will seek to secure strategic assets and try to upset their opponent’s plan as they go along. Of course, you will have to balance between how much time you are going to spend on preventing the opponent from advancing themselves, and how much you will spend on improving your own technology and positioning.

The goal is to protect your headquarters, which can become an easy target and unravel your war effort if exposed and hit. In the meantime, players will need to secure supply lines, protect against aerial assault, and launch attacks of their own, including artillery barrages. While not much more beyond this point is known, General Orders: World War II is definitely a game that stands out if only by virtue of its interesting mechanic, acclaimed designers, and certainly the publishing house which is synonymous with quality in the hobby. 

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