Osprey Games' Undaunted: Battle of Britain's cover art.
Image Source: Osprey Games

Undaunted: Battle of Britain” is taking to the skies in the latest addition in the series. Designed by Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson and published by Osprey Games, the game is set to arrive in 2023 and pit players against each other in an aerial battle of cat and mouse.

Fight as RAF or Luftwaffe to Realize Your Goals

“Battle of Britain” is a standalone game in the franchise and it is a two-player deck-building contest of clever outmaneuvering and strategic acumen. The plot of the new box draws inspiration from the namesake military campaign that took place between July 10 and October 31, 1940.

The battle was between the UK and colonial nations on the one side and the Luftwaffe, or the German Air Force, on the other. One of the players will embark on a mission to conquer Western Europe by dominating the UK in the air while the other will rally the Royal Air Force and put up a fight to defend the homeland.

This new box is an extension to the many World War II history battles recreated across the entire series, from the Battle for Stalingrad to the Normandy Landings, the game recreates trialing chapters from human history sticking to gritty realism and immersive experience.

The Undaunted series rely on different playstyles so each side will come with its unique objectives and means of achieving this. The deck-building mechanic will combine chance and strategy. Total annihilation is never the goal here, as you seek to seek  specific war campaign goals.

Improving Your Strategy as Game Progresses

As the conflict drags out and you take involved into more aerial battles, you will also attain more powerful weaponry to deploy in battle and help defy history and tip the scales in your favor, whatever side you are battling on.

In this new take by the designer duo and Osprey Games, players can expect to find the same quality, depth of the decision-making and balanced, strategy-driven gameplay that will make the game another favorite amongst Undaunted fans. The retail price has not yet been confirmed but Undaunted: “Battle of Britain” is expected to arrive in early 2023.

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